Through the little time we shared, I know our love is genuine!

Looking at the baby as she coolly tucked herself into my unwilling arms.
Her mother tried pulling her away in feigned embarrassment
but the baby was determined.
Her eyes fixed firmly upon mine as if saying
"I want you"
Then, I extended my arms toward her and the mother let go.
The baby smiled.
I reciprocated.
Her piercing look, her innocence.
...her welcoming smile disarmed me completely.
I started wishing she was mine.
I know what love is, just by looking at her.
We exchanged a few more momentary smiles.
soon, she was asleep on my arms and I felt that affectionate look still staring at me,
Except that her eyes are now closed.
My mind drifted away...
Just then, her mother brought me to consciousness.
It was time she take her leave.
The baby woke up, took one last look at me and then burst into tear as if asking to stay.
I know deep inside me, I didn't want to let her go.
I wanted her to stay longer as I meditated deeply about my own origin...
My childhood,
My beginning
My world.
In that short moment of looking at the baby and exchanging smile and laughter,
I was lost in my own world...
The world where only a baby understand.
Through the little time we shared, I know our love is genuine!

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