Cut the Rope…


One day, a mountaineer was going up a very high mountain.
He was so proud; he was climbing all by himself.
It was very dangerous to climb up a snowy mountain all alone, but he was so proud, he believed he didn’t need anyone.
By nightfall, common sense dictated that he set up camp. But he kept climbing because he wanted to reach the summit quickly.
But in his exhaustion, his foot slipped.
And he found himself free falling through the air. He closed his eyes and saw flashbacks of his life.
All of a sudden, he felt a jolt—and violent pull around his waist. The rope tied around his belt saved him!
In total darkness, he was now hanging onto his rope.
And he shouted, “God, if you’re up there, save me!”
Suddenly, he heard a voice say, “If you believe that I can save you, do what I tell you to do…”
He answered, “What should I do?”
The voice said, “Cut your rope.”
“Wha…what?” he said.
“Cut the rope and let go,” the voice said.
After a few moments, he shouted again, “Is there anyone else up there?”
The next day, mountain climbers saw his limp body, hanging by the rope, frozen to death. The curious thing about what they saw? He was hanging only 2 feet from the ground.
Let's try not to be so proud even in the point of death. Many people are like that: They trust in their rope more than in their God. They trust in their money, in their abilities, in their connections, in their intelligence more than in their God.
Let's cut the rope and trust in God.

... shared with me by a friend...

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