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Call for Papers: “Strategies for Transforming Agriculture and Water Resources Sectors of the Nigerian Economy”

Call for Papers:  “Strategies for Transforming Agriculture and Water Resources Sectors of the Nigerian Economy”

The Nigerian Society of Engineers, Announces its, INTERNATIONAL ENGINEERING CONFERENCE, EXHIBITION AND ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING coming up in Abuja between 9th-13th December, 2013 At International Conference Centre Abuja. The Theme of this year conference is :  “Strategies for Transforming Agriculture and Water Resources Sectors of the Nigerian Economy’”

The Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE) invites Technical and Position Papers from Engineers, Higher Institutions, Research Institutes, Public and Private Sector Professionals, as well as Economists and Policy Formulators for the Year 2013 International Conference and Exhibitions holding at the International Conference Center, Abuja from 9th– 13thDecember, 2013
1.     Develop a Blue Print for Efficient, Integrated Planning & Management of Agricultural Sector of the Nigerian Economy.
2.    Develop Schemes for Sustainable Agricultural Production and Food Security
3.    Consider and analyze the Infrastructural Requirements for a Comprehensive Agricultural Development of the Nation.
4.    Evaluate the Impact of Agricultural Resources Management on the Transformation Agenda of the Nation.
5.    Examine the Effects of Constitutional, Legal and Institutional Policy Reforms on the Agricultural Sector of the Economy. 
Water Resources:
1.     Examine the Existing Road Map for Water Resources Planning, Development and Management; and Make Proposal for More Efficiency and General Improvement.
2.    Develop Strategies for Checking Flood, Erosion, Desertification and Other Natural Disasters.
3.    Review and Suggest Improvement in the Infrastructural Requirements for Comprehensive Water Resources Development
4.    Consider and Review the Strategies for Nigeria to Meet-Up with the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and the Transformation Agenda of the Nation.
5.    Evaluate the Effects of Constitutional, Legal and Institutional Policy Reforms on the Water Resources Plans of the Nation.
The following sub-themes shall be addressed among others:
ü Overview/Basic Agricultural Hydrology
ü  Water Management, Conservation and Use
ü  Water & Wind Erosion and Control
ü  Livestock Production
ü  Farm Crops Production,
ü  Storage and Preservation of Fresh Fruits & Vegetables
ü  Tractor Procurement & Maintenance
ü  Tillage. Fertilizing, Seeding & Planting Machines
ü  Harvesting, Loading, Grinding & Shredding Equipment
ü  Farm Transport, Elevating and Conveying Equipment
ü  Economic Analysis of Agricultural Projects
ü  Cost Analysis in Agricultural Process Engineering
ü  Diary Plant Technology
ü  Agro-Industrial Operations & Confectionary Technologies
ü  Meat, Poultry and Eggs Technologies
ü  Milk and Milk Products
ü  Products Millennium Development Goals for Food and Agriculture
Water Resources:
ü  Water Resources Planning & Management
ü  Recreational Use of Water
ü  Water Transportation
ü  Groundwater Exploration & Exploitation
ü  Water Supply and Distribution
ü  Sewage & Wastewater Treatment
ü  Water Treatment
ü  Irrigation
ü  Mechanical & Electrical Equipment (Manufacture)
ü  Mechanical & Electrical Equipment (Procurement)
ü  Mechanical & Electrical Equipment (Maintenance)
ü  Instrumentation, Control & Analysis
ü  Water Quality (including Demand & Supply)
ü  Water Quality (including Health, Safety & Environment)
ü  Water Economics
ü  Hydro Power (Micro, Small & Medium)
ü  Hydro Power (Large)
ü  Millennium Development Goals for Water & Sanitation
The above Sub-themes should be approached, considering the following functional and supporting areas among others:
ü Engineering, Technology & Innovation
ü Policy & Legal Issues.
ü Financial Engineering
ü Investment Opportunities
ü Safety, Security & Environmental Issues
ü Human Capacity Building & Development
ü Public Private Partnership in Agriculture and Water Resources Development
Industries, Universities and Research Institutes are expected to display their products/Research findings relevant to the theme during the duration of the Conference.
1.  Presentation Medium:
Manuscripts accepted for the Conference must be submitted in electronic file on CD-ROM or Flash Drive. The current software format is that of Microsoft Word (MS-Word) latest EDITION or .doc format
2.    Illustrations and graphics:
All drawings shall be prepared electronically with software compatible with Microsoft Office suit (e.g. MS-Power point, Vision) and integrated seamlessly into the MS-Word document. Photographs shall also be digitized into JPEG format and inserted seamlessly into the MS-Word document
3.  Equations:
Mathematical equations shall be constructed within the MS-Word document, using the Microsoft Equation Editor included with the MS-Office suite
4.  Table:
All tables shall be labeled at the top with the word “Table” followed by a sequential numerical letter.
5.  Layout:
Paper size:            A4
Margins:                Left margin:                    3cm
                             Right margin:                  3cm
                             Top margin:                     3cm
                             Bottom margin:                3cm
Authors are expected to forward the following items:
   i.      A clearly written abstract, describing the paper in full of a maximum of 300 words, should be submitted for approval before the full paper.
    ii.        It should be noted that all submitted papers will be pre-reviewed for approval or otherwise.
  iii.        To submit, please visit the website, click on the link submit abstract/papers, complete the abstract/papers submission form and upload your PowerPoint presentation, an email will be sent to your mail box for further reference.
For further enquiries email [email protected]
   i.      The closing date for submission of Abstract shall be 12th July 2013 while notification of acceptance of the Abstract will be effected by 26th July, 2013.
  ii.      The closing date for submission of full text shall be 16th September2013 while notification of acceptance of the manuscript will be effected by30th September, 2013.
The Chairman
Conference Technical Committee:
Engr. Prof. Sadiq Z. Abubakar, FNSE

The Executive Secretary
The Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE)
National Engineering Centre,
Off National Mosque-Labour House Road
Central Business Area, Abuja, Nigerian
Tel:234-9-6735096 & 234-1-4766686

Vice President, Professional Development
Engr. Otis Anyaeji, FNSE
c/o NSE Headquarters, Abuja
Tel:234-9-6735096 & 234-1-4766686

Engr. Ahmed K.Amshi, FNSE
Executive Secretary

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