Why Blind Men Lead (Part 1)…


“You will come to learn a great deal if you study the insignificants in depth.” 

A group of caravan is heading toward an Island they have never been, never seen but constantly heard of. They grew up, and live in the desert, so they know nothing about ocean. They have seen drops of rain before, they have not witnessed downpour and they have never seen anyone who have seen a storm. But they have heard of these things through words passed down from generation to generation.  They have been told of certain aquatic creatures by the name “fish,” they have never seen, not even in a pictorial representation. So naturally, they assumed the fish will have legs and heads though will walk and live under “river” and also work as men do. Since they have never seen a real river before, they assume it is a wonderland. A garden where there is no dust and where water adorns the land. They compare it with their desert and imagine it a moving spectacle.

Since they also heard that fish can communicate, they pictured in their mind that Fish will also be talking…. The legend has it that the only man who ever visited that island and return alive to tell the story was a Blind man who eventually handed down the “information” to the elders which has been passed from generation to generation. It is for this reason that Blind men are greatly respected and they were seen as super humans who have the magic wand to lead others to this mysterious Island. The blind men staff is also widely respected and seen as a staff of authority by the creator.

A new generation with more hunger and improved knowledge decided to explore this Island and see how their people can reap maximum blessing from it, and if possible, they could as well settle in this Island where “all things are possible;” Where there are creatures that live under “water.” No pain, no sorrow and no lost. All those who have embarked on the expedition in the past never return. This time, they decided to mobilize themselves in group and prepare adequately. But there is a problem, no one has a map and no one can decide the route to the Island. To solve this, they reasoned that since only a blind man have been there and return alive, it is wise to take a blind man along, preferably one from the linage of the man who went in the past. It is best to allow the blind man lead since they are favoured by gods.

They started the journey, all relying on the narration and wisdom of the Blind leader and what his famous forefathers passed down to him and his lineage. They are all excited. There are few other blind men too in the expedition but only one leads.

Each time they reach a crossroad, they argue, quarrel and it sometimes boil over as the leading blind man frequently clash with other blind men who claim to have the right of way and wisdom to the Island. . They followed the blind men nevertheless. There are three Blind men each with their own ideas of how the island will look like. They people follows them anyway since they have no other alternative. The blind men compete for loyalty among the men and soonest, they have all divided the caravan into three factions; each loyal to a blind man who have absolute authority and the last say on every matter. Despite the division, they all continue to go in the same direction but with different expectation. Each group believes the other is on the wrong path while they all share the vision of the same destination and island. They all have resigned to the fact that they will have to get to the island first before they can know who is indeed right and who will be wrong.

Once a while, a hapless member of the group caught up in augment about who is right or wrong. Blood shed, injuries sustained. Yet, they keep heading the same direction despite the division. They all have same expectation which was to see the Island and pay homage to the king. But none of them actually know how the king of the island will receive them. And soon, a faction of the caravan broke away and became cynics. They are of view that the Island is non-existent and that their co-travellers are embarking on fruitless expedition. Yet, despite their cynicism, they also have a blind man as their leader and they are also going in the same direction as the other groups they are condemning!

The only difference between their leader and the rest is that their own leader is wearing dark goggles and can look at the sun without shedding tear. So they assume this prove he possesses better vision than the other blind leaders who cannot look at the sun.  Curiosity is driving them to follow the same path as those who believed in the fish Island wonder. They are convinced deep inside them that the account they were given may be false, there is certainly somewhere that is far better than the desert they used to know and they craved desperately to escape the scorching heat of the desert and enjoy a better abode. Unconsciously, they keep going with the same caravans despite their cynicism.

Then, a violent storm hit the desert, blowing hot sands across their faces and threatening to bury them all. Everyone realized that only through collective effort can they survive the storm. They must all join hands and hold one another to complete their journey. A section of them choose to go it alone and they perished….

The world is ruled by liars, deceivers who all rely on figment of their imagination, intuition and wisdom to unravel mysteries they do not understand. They get passionately embroiled in the scheme of things and forgot they are mortal beings whose life and terms are clearly measured. In a bid to entrench their authorities, they made laws and created cult divisions. Some of these are outrageous while others are accepted as standard.

There exist segment of human community who have mastered the art of using their minds. The complexity of the minds of men, itself is one of the greatest mysteries of creation. For, in the mind of a man, things perceived as impossible are possible when willpower and actions are conjoined. . Ironically, very few percentage of human community care to use the power of their minds. And as such, majority is unable to understand some of the elements of manipulation being used to brainwash them by those who have mastered the art or manipulating others. They call those who have learned to control and use their minds, all manner of names; genius, prophets, presidents, kings, experts etc.

As in the caravan, human community is clearly depicted, we have section of them who are blind but are good in application of knowledge and manipulation of other people. They are smart. They understand that being in possession of vast amount of knowledge alone does not confer power on anyone. They have learned to use their imagination, and also apply wisdom. They have also learned that being in possession of wisdom alone does not confer authority. So they went further, and learn to use other people to achieve their goals.

Their philosophy is built upon the fundamental observation that, there are many of the human populace who have eyes, but do not know how to use the eyes. They are lazy and always wanting someone to do the real work for them while they perform the basis. They are constantly fascinated by the idea of a strange beautiful place no matter how beautiful their current abode. They rarely see the beauty around them and constantly long for the beauty far away: The beauty that existed only in their imagination. And the blind men, knowing how deluded their compatriots are, offer to provide a clue to the unknown. But they (blind men) must lead. The sweet promises entice the hapless people, and they fall for the bait. Leaving their destinies in the hands of men who could not find their own way!

It is this tendency to ignore what is at hand and to aim at what is ahead that most smart “blind crooks “ has been exploiting to brainwash and herd the majority of men into one form of ideology or the other. From politics to religion (including atheism) and then culture, through every means possible, they always have a way of dominating and setting the order for everything. The sad part is that the majority always trust in those blind men. They are gods...and the rest of the people are destined to follow.

As I write this, Odysseus words inspire me…: “You will come to learn a great deal if you study the insignificants in depth.”......and Matthew 15:14;  leave them; they are blind guides. If a blind man leads a blind man, both will fall into a pit. And then quran “There are those who have battered guidance with error; but their traffic is profitless, and they have lost true direction. Deaf, dumb, blind, they will not return (Baqra 16, 18)..

To be contd…

Isqil Najim
Twitter: @isqilnajim

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