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The beauty is Ugly

She said she comes in peace...
But she spent all her time
Counting the faults of others...
Wishing she had a gun...
Who am I to be fooled?
That it won’t be my turn tomorrow,
To face the firing squad?

He said he is honourable man,
But his words were full of lies..
Why will I trust him when he deemed me,
a ready-made customer for his filth?
He sees everyone as a tool..
For his personal survival..
His honour is dishonour!

She said she is an entertainer..
And will bring joy to my world..
With a smile, I opened myself to surprise
Ready my legs for a dancing session..
And when the drummers sounded the first signal..
She started reciting a dirge!
Who won’t run for dear life...
Save one who'd lost someone..

He clasped my hands in friendliness
Hugged and almost suffocated me with love..
We spoke like friends from Eden..
It was a world never seen before..
Absolute trust... I gave him my life.
And at the point of departure..
He stole my wallet,
Then added poison in my drink!

She eyed me suspiciously..
Sending me strong message of rejection..
Disdain...the only gift I can offer her:
And I certified her, ''a vicious foe.''
Then in my moment of pain and anguish..
Friends fled as if chased away by murderous madmen,
The world desolated. Hopeless...
Just when I think it is all over,
A gentle voice whispered from the dark,
With a loving smile, and knowing look..
She led me into safety of her private fortress,
Lavishing my face with happiness.
I looked up to see who this guardian angel is...
Behold... the same woman I once disdained,
Because she rejected me!
Now I know, yes I know!
The truth could be hiding in the shadow!

In everything...
Let their acts not shock you..
A little glance at their faces,
A little probe into their words..
And a stolen peep into their moment of rage..
And a quiet exploration of their inner motivation..
Ye shall know who you are dealing with...
Sometimes, the beauty is just too ugly!
And the Ugly is beautiful!

....Isqil Najim

twitter: @isqilnajim 

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