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New Day or another chance?

"Go.....make your world better and plan for your next life."

I woke up, stronger and healthier than I ever know. The first breath of life slowly manifests itself. I lays still on my bed staring blandly at the ceiling and wondering what today will bring. Then, I realized I have a hangover from dreamland. I have been dreaming and it was still playing inside my wakeful mind. I paused, to listen to this extra-ordinary message. There is noise in my ears; But not ordinary noise. A sonorous voice from within which I clearly recognize and then, I tried hard to listen to the message again, this time, I went into semi-consciousness.

I started making vigorous supplication; intuitively going on my knee. Not my way of prayer but not strange either. I always pray this way when the road looks rusty, dusty and the sky, cloudy. However, today, all around me is calm, and I can sense the coming great news. Yet, I don’t know where and how it will happen.

I prayed as if my life is about to end. I prayed, and I know that God listened, and that all those who my prayer went to will receive a gift of joy. And suddenly, I slept off, right there on my knee with tear flowing from my smiling and contented face. And I landed in a dreamland once again, with my tongue still moving and gratitude on my heart...

My short sleep wasn’t for nothing. I couldn’t remember everything but I was disturbed; Yet, assured that nothing is wrong. I woke up again, this time and the first thing i did was to look at the time. It was 7am. I have overslept, but for good reason. I slowly rise from the praying posture, as I listen again, to my inner voice. Nothing come out. It is Monday to you but new day to us. A new chance for you show yourself worthy of being among the living

To show that you are a grateful soul walking on the earth. To make a provision for a journey to next stage of life.

I rose up slowly as the words played itself in my mind, like a slow music…. eyes partially opened and mouth chanting the words of gratitude, once again.  I let the voice inside of me speak louder.

Men wake up every day and feel it is an opportunity to add to their collection of blessings, how many wake up and feel it is an opportunity to die? For every day you witness is a testimony to the approaching hour. Young, old, sick, healthy, rich, poor, Muslims, Christians, agnostic, atheist… Whatever... No one knows when death will knock at his door and where. Yet, few bother to view the new day as an approach of death.

What legacy are you planning to leave behind and what are you planning to take with you if death seize you right away? As you wake up to start a new day, know that every second counts. Waste then not, all on the things that add no value to your life and death. Prepare for eternal ascension and don’t be like one of the fools who quickly allow their confortable lifestyle and desire for more wealth mute the silent voice.

Good morning starlight, it is Monday to you, but a bonus to us. Man's day is numbered, but the blessing awaiting him is vast. Will he listen to us, or his desire? The choice is his and ours is to protect, until term appointed. Go.....make your world better and plan for your next life.

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