Dancing to death


"Not every flying object is a plane! Not every sinking object is a submarineThey could be objects desperate for help..."

......Isqil Najim

An owl suddenly appears… in daylight

Singing and hovering around, with deafening shrieks

she flies and dances in the sky as if possessed
showcasing a talent so rare
she soars like an eagle and even outshines the avian queen
she bathes in a pool and makes the duck yells with envy
People amuse at her gift.
Clap clap clap wow wow wow
Overwhelmed with pride, so it seems
she aims higher and higher
And romances the sun at a dangerous height...
Suddenly....a free fall
While people watch amusingly 
Anticipating the next spectacle
she landed straight in an open boiling soup!
A few struggle, a little desperation..
She ended as a meat in a lazy hunter's soup
If only people knew she was blind!
They mistook her desperation for shelter as rare talent
And applauded her till she entered her doom!
Not every flying object is a plane!
Not every sinking object is a submarine;
They could be objects desperate for help...

.......Isqil Najim

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