“An earthworm does not have claws and teeth or strong muscles and bones, but it can eat dirt and drink spring water. It has heart focus, diligence and purposefulness.
“A crab has six legs and two claws, but it has no home unless it finds the hole of a snake or eel. It has heart misdirection!

“Thus, without deep steadfast purpose, clear perception, and determined continuous striving, there will be no illustrious accomplishment.

……Hsun Tzu"
Hsun Tzu is also one of few Chinese thinkers to emphasize the value of external forms of motivation such as rewards and punishments, not just to coerce people into right actions, but as a starting step for reforming people’s characters.

“In the south is a bird called the meng dove. It makes its nest with feathers tied together with hair, and attaches it to stems. But if wind blows, the stems will snap, the eggs will be destroyed, and the baby birds will die. This is not due to flaws in the nest, but rather, to flaws in what it is attached to.

“In the west, there is a plant called the she-kan/yekan. Its stalk is a few inches long. But it grows on top of high mountains, and can see down into very deep valleys. This is not due to the height of its stalk, but rather, to where it is located.

“Raspberry vines growing among hemp grow up straight. White sand in black mud at the bottom of a pool also turns black.

“The root of the huai plant makes chih [fragrance]. But if it is soaked in urine, it will be avoided by chun tzu, and will not be used by the people. The lack of excellence is not in its own substance, but rather, in what it is soaked in…. “

“Thus, the chun tzu is very choosy in selecting the environment he dwells in, and seeks out the proper people to traverse with, in order to ward off what is improper and low/base, and draw-near what is fair/moderate and upright. … “


In Northern Nigeria, is a wide expanse arable lands that can feed the whole of Africa if properly managed. All kind of food crops are grown every year just as cattle are in large supply. But the people there are as poor as church rats. Majority of them go hungry while some are wearing rags despite the fact that they can produced enough cottons that could make cheap cloths. It is not the fault of the land but of the people’s attitude to farming and of their leaders’ habit of looking at the south for crumbs. It is not that there is no money but there leaders have been embezzling the money that are meant for the people.

In the East, there are millions of skilled manpower (mostly unrefined) whose ingenuity cut across the length and breadth of Africa and whose entrepreneurial prowess is legendary. Wherever they go everything they touch turn to gold. No desert can confront them without them turning the place into money making machines. But when you look at their lands closely, you will find booming kidnapping business, thriving armed robbery enterprises among others. It is not the fault of the East or the gods but the mentality adapted by their leaders and the attitude of the people in general to their non-performing leaders.

In the South, there are enormous reservoirs of oil and gas (which draw envy from many other African states and European nations) that has in the past 50 years been sustaining most part of the world (through Nigerian peacekeeping mission, direct sales, and many contributions to brother African nations) and providing energy needs of developed countries. Inside the country, it has become the region that sustains the rest of us. Almost 90% of Nigerian National income comes from that region. But when you look very well, you will find a few of their leaders owning palatial mansions abroad and also owing refineries while the people are wallowing in abject poverty. Foreigners are exploiting them while their own people are fleecing them. It is not the faults of God or injustice from other regions but the faults of the people who allowed those leading them to go away with their loots while kidnapping foreigners for ransom; it is the fault the rogues (they call leaders) robbing them, and the youths who have no other means of making living than through kidnapping and brigandage and serving as thugs to the politicians, and of course the suffering people who have consciously accepted to keep quiet and suffer silently.

While we look at the problems ravaging us as a nation we must also look at the people and their attitude to these problems.

Years ago, Hiroshima was reduced to ashes while her people are mutated as a result of radioactive gases from the Atomic Bomb thrown into the land by USA. Today, the place looks like a paradise while the country as a whole has become the most industrialized nation in the world. Did japan simply sat down to bewail her lost while waiting for miracle from a benevolence God?

The Korea Nations fought bitter wars that left it in ruin and depravation. Millions of people were staved while the millions fell in the conflict. They ended the war with armistice while people are impoverished. They set out on a programme for rebuilding and today, we all hear of Asian Tigers. We can visit the Korea and other such nations that are once at the mercy of dictators, poverty and wars with pride and delight. They are now among the most industrialized nations in the world. They set out examples of

At the time of our oil boom we are virtually at par with UAE. Today, with the same oil revenue, UAE has transformed Dubai into a paradise from a mere fishing village while our own Niger Delta is in a mess. Everybody just go there (Niger Delta) to make money few want to have permanent home there. Dubai did not transform overnight just as her rulers did not wait on Allah to build the town for them. They did not achieve this by eliminating all their corrupt men and women or by siting in their Mosques and churches while awaiting God miracles. They have purpose, they have unity and they are conscious of the kind of leaders they allow to rule them.

The South Africa was almost consumed by apartheid years ago. The rest of the world focus attention at it and isolated it. Sanctions come after sanctions. Today, it is the largest economy in Africa.

What is wrong with Nigeria where almost every state in the enclave has one minerals of the other? What is wrong with this country which has been favoured by gods? Pleasant weather, arable lands, intellectual dynamites, good people, peace, diversity, beautiful cultures, and so on. Yet, she is like a giant that is crawling. People are dying as if in war, while poverty ravages the land. Her best professionals are all fleeing the land as if a strange sickness is ravaging it. We can no longer laugh without shedding tear. We cannot shed tear without being amused at the absurdities surrounding us. Almost everybody is fed-up except those who have faith and those who are benefitting from the rot!

I am forced to dig deeper into Hsun Tzu words again when he said:
“An earthworm does not have claws and teeth or strong muscles and bones, but it can eat dirt and drink spring water. It has heart focus, diligence and purposefulness.

“A crab has six legs and two claws, but it has no home unless it finds the hole of a snake or eel. It has heart misdirection!

“Thus, without deep steadfast purpose, clear perception, and determined continuous striving, there will be no illustrious accomplishment.

“The cloud dragon has no feet, but flies. The squirrel has five talents [flying, climbing, swimming, digging, running], but is reduced [because it does not utilize and perform one of them well.]

Thus, the balanced person has knot-like [and noble] steadfastness….”

Now I know our problems…I am sure we all know…let us find a way to give our country focus, direction, and sense of purpose. Unfortunately, this can’t happen until we, the people, have collectively defined our purpose and direction. God has blessed this continent; it is the people in it and those who they allowed to lead them that are stopping the work of God.
Remember, God will not do for men, what they must do for themselves…
Together, we can do it!

....Isqil Najim, inspired to change lives....!

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  1. Africa is indeed blessed...but like you said a lot of things are wrong. There's mismanagement, corruption, poverty, curse and a whole lot of suffering. However, I believe 2011 will bring a change to the continent.

    It's obvious especially with the recent happenings. See the crises of Egypt for instance - the people are tired of being led by See Ivory Coast's issues; and see our very own Nigeria.

    People are rising up to effect change and I believe this change will be a reality, even if it will have to be by force. Long live Africa; Long live Nigeria!!!

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