The Nigerian People's Revolution :'Peace Fighting' By Lai Labode

A man may well by his conduct and evil ways begin to corrupt a people, but it is impossible for him to live long enough to enjoy the fruits of it. - Niccoló Machiavelli, The Discourses. 1517.
There is no surer way of corrupting the citizens, and to divide the city against itself, than to foment the spirit of faction that may prevail there; for each party will strive by every means of corruption to secure friends and supporters. -- Niccoló Machiavelli, The Discourses. 1517.

"One day in the very near future , millions of Nigerians will wake up from their slumber to begin the NIGERIAN PEOPLE's REVOLUTION that will finally put an end to failed ,incompetent and visionless leadership the people have suffered in the last five decades.

The people will carry no guns or axes but they will be armed with the most powerful tool required for change. A WILL!

The people will march the streets from kaura-namoda to ile-ife , from Yenoga to Abeokuta ,from plains of the plateau to Nupe land ,from Ogoja to Birnin-kebbi and from Potiskum to Gwari land. The people will effectively shut down the entire country in a peaceful protest but most daring protest Africa has ever seen. It will be called 'PEACE FIGHTING'.

The power of the Hausas , ibibios ,yorubas ,Ibos, ijaws ,nupes,benis and all other ethnic groups will fuse all together under a common purpose . A people's purpose.  A freedom purpose.

The Muslims and the Christians will stand firmly together against all forms of oppression and intimidation of the government forces. The youths and women will find new strengths; the old will find new wisdom.

The Nigerian People will empower a new People's Government. A new innovative, responsive, competent, exposed , respected ,unblemished ,articulate ,confident ,thoughtful and truly compassionate set of leaders will emerge .40-50 percent of the leaders will be women and aged below 50.

A new Nigeria will be born where all citizens can make it if they try, a new Nigeria where every citizen has an opportunity to pursue their full measure of happiness as the will.

History will be kind to all those who stood on the side of the people. All those who stand against the people will be condemned to the dustbin of history.

It is much closer than you think .I see it . Do you?

Lai Labode 
Constellation Of Thoughts : Series Four (4)
,29th Jan 2011

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