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Echo of my Mind: The Angry kids!

Nigerians are like angry kids. They all want same toy, each for himself. To Play with, to Keep.

So they started pulling the toy from all angles as they struggle with each other for control. They take strategic positions and gather loyal fans to unleash verbal missiles at each other.

When the verbal war appear not to be achieving desired goal, they started dragging the Toy among each other.

Some gathered together to pull the head, some are pulling legs on either sides, while some are dragging the hands. Those who couldn't find a comfortable spot to pull are some are tearing the cloth to lay the poor toy bare before onlookers. Still, there are those who do not join the thug of war, but choose instead to hail those engaging in the struggles. Everyone is right depending on what angle you are standing.

When you draw their attention to the gradual destruction they are subjecting their precious toy, they will say that they are doing this to save the toy from further destruction.

In the end, the winner will end up with a vandalised Toy, that is if anything was left to salvage.

The Toy is their Country!


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