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Echo of my mind: of Enemies made due to error of judgement

The bulk of enemies we make were by error of judgement. Most times, out of misunderstanding and misrepresentation of actions, inaction and reactions of either sides to issues, events, and behaviours. 

Ignorance is also another means through which we fabricated enemies out of loyal accomplices, partners. We do not know what the other man is going through, or what is running inside his head. So we use our  perception to interpret their (in)action.

When two people conceal information that could help both sides understand  each other, it could mean that trust and confidence was eroded or fear of betrayal has become an ingredient in their decision making process.

When the door of communication is shut down and replaced with door of mutually conjured suspicious, assumption and presumption takes over facts and realities Our decision and actions can be riddled with errors.

One or both will be hurt. It really doesn't matter.  Both will legitimately provide explanation how the other has hurt them in a crisis that should never have happened in the first place. 

Most of the times, the crisis that snowball into tragedy can be averted through honest communication. If we open up to each other, we will find that 90% of grievances  against other person is down to miscommunication and misrepresentation. It may even be our fault  and it maybe a results of trying not to hurt the other person.

Why then, do we build mountain of absurdities on a parcel of land where holes of realities slowly eat away the faulty foundation? Should we not endeavour to see the other side before we pass judgement? 

Many have gone to early grave with information that could have kept them alive far longer. Many have failed in undertaking where communication and honest engagement would have cemented their success. Yet, many have recorded  pyrrhic victory where they had alternative chance of enduring legacies.

Will it not make sense, therefore, to have open mind at all times?

Your friend, 


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