Echo of my mind: May we not meet an unforgiving crazy fellow

I realise that, no matter what you do and how careful you are, there are still people that bear malice against you. 

You may not even know about this and in your mind, everythingbis fine. 

Sometimes, it is a joke that you moved away from and quickly forget.  Sometimes it is a harmless (in)action/word;. At least in your eyes. 

Meanwhile, the other  person carries your matter everywhere like his destiny depends on it.

Days and night they don't sleep. When they sleep, their dream is nightmarish experience  if what they imagine about you and how they plan ro extract their vengeance.

When they have one single opportunity to ask God for just one thing,  it is curses they'll send to your way rather than play for their own well being. 

They plot vengeance for what you know nothing about. While you worry about their welfare. 

May we not offend an unforgiving crazy person 🤲🏽

Isqil Najim

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