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To build Back Wiser-: Pay attention to Engineers and Scientists

The World Engineering Day for sustainable Development instituted by the UNESCO and World Federation of Engineering is here again. But how many actually know the significance of the day's celebration even among the engineers themselves, particularly in third world?

Beyond the fanfare and the many events outlined for the day is one critical message that is being passed across the is to pay attention to the engineers if you really want to achieve sustainable development.

Naturally, this makes a lot of sense considering that the engineers are at the heart of productivity. But one cannot but marvel at the fact that the reverse is the case when reality hit us in face. 

There are people that I think deserve most attention in our society

1. The newly born: their world outlook depends on how we programme them from early age. They are like seeds, if we planted and nurtured them properly, we will reap bountiful harvest.

2. the studious student: their determination may bring up something unique that can change our world. Encourage them to channel their energy into productive ventures. I'd you leave them alone, by themselves, they may as well be acquiring destructive knowledge. Whichever way you look at it, they deserve attention

3. the innovative graduates: they stand between discovering a great future or relapsing into unpleasant past. They are the senior brothers to the studious students. Encourage them to forge ahead in creative and beneficial innovations and do great works. Empower them, mentor them, and equip them with what they need to become productive member of the society. If left alone, their creative energy will be negatively applied and the society will pay dearly for it.

4. the aged who have given a lot to the society; retired but not tired. tap from their knowledge, experience and insights. it helps to guide toward the uncertain future and prevent the younger generation from making same mistake over and over. the world is better off in good sail with experience sailors to guide the fresh hands.

5. the women: they are the intermediate between God and creation. Human race is consistently sustained through them. They are the nurturers of next generation and the first contact of a child in the world. Care for women, and empower them to achieve sustainable development. No wonder, the UN Sustainable Development Goals SDGs goal #5 is dedicated to them.

6. and finally.... the engineers and scientists... just look around you, their works  are present in every gadget you have, your home, your food, your clothes, and more... Just imagine there are no engineers and scientists, we will probably still remained in stone age using stick and stones as basic survival tools.

A nation that ignore the engineers and scientists have sold itself to slavery.

I am Isqil Najim (@Isqilnajim)

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