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Russian Ukraine war: My Take!

The only lesson I learnt or learning from this Russian Ukrainian war is that every nation must develop the tech capabilities. They must have ambition to grow within even as they reach out to others to develop. 

I do not wish to concern myself with who was right or who was winning, they are all after their national interests. 

But I live in a country that is perpetually dependent on imports of every basis needs to a ridiculous proportion, and neglects to develop its own technological capabilities even though it has the human and material resources to do so. The gain of making money that are eventually starched abroad in hard currency is more profitable undertaking for the majority of our policy makers, leaders and aspiring leaders. 

While these appear to have some immediate or short term advantages, the hidden harm on us and our future are big. 

A new form of slavery is currently sweep across the shores of developing economies, it is loan and technological dependence. Do not say you don't have the capabilities, say you don't have the will and courage to harness what you already processed in talents. There is just a thin line of disagreement between us and our suppliers for us to slide into economic slavery and re-colonisation.

The future you seek is in the decisions you make today . Are your actions driven by desire to pump up your mathematical GDP to win accolades of the Bretton Woods system despite the spiralling poverty or desires to build a future where everyone see the results and you are self sufficient, not only in development but also in curtailing external aggression? 

The answer is up to you! 

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