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Echo of my mind: Saint or sinner, Grace finds you!

For Many years we chase something, someone, anything and travel all over the places in a bid to get it or make it realistic.  

Sometimes we get it and then lose it in a painful, disappointing way. Sometimes we don't get it and our efforts become vain after wasting time and resources. Naturally, we grieved the loss.

As we give up on the chase and put our mind to working on ourselves and recreating ourselves in a modest way to be a better person while cutting off the things, or people that burden us; we (sometimes) inadvertently found a better option dumped on our lap out of nowhere without us labouring as hard to get it.

Because the it does not announce itself in a loud way, Some people recognised it and some missed it. Those who recognised and grabbed it have never stop talking about Grace! 

Grace found them. Grace can find anyone. Saint or sinner.

The question is: when it finds you, will you recognise it? Impossible is nothing! 

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