Echo of My Mind: You will never miss the water till the well runs dry

You will never miss the water till the well runs dry. You can be blessed and not know it. Only as you look back will you realise  that what you have is much more important than what you don't have.

Happiness does not come from getting what you want. You are unlikely to be happy after  getting what you want because  human want is insatiable.  The more you get, the more you crave for another.

Happiness comes from appreciating your gifts and what you have. And from developing what is in you.

You are  going to record  some loses. And what will keep you going will be your capacity  to let go what you lost and build on what you have. Only by this can you become master of your own destiny.

Rise above fleeting rage of time when it visits you. Dive in its vast ocean of opportunities. Stake your claim on what is at hand and bless yourself in your imperfection. Explore. Discover. Rejoice.

It is July.. make it a jolly one. Take charge if your NOW and take control of YOU.

Be blessed

Wizard of Kalamakato

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