Apapa violence and the reality confronting us..

Yesterday, A situation that could pass as minor  disagreement on parking right (violation), which could have been resolved within ambient of commonsense and logic metamorphosed into violence. At the end of it, two banks were reportedly  burnt down along with loss of lives.

I am not here to pass judgement about who was wrong or right between the police and the tanker drivers. Underlying  the unspoken reality is a must if we indeed are nations  of law and order.

It should be noted that NUPENG released statement after the incidence that none of its members was involved in the fracas. And those involved are operators of articulated  vehicles. Be that as it may, the fact of the event was that banks were burnt and properties looted as people (you may choose to call them thugs) expressed their anger.

It is obvious that we have a big issue of distrust of the system and its legal entity. Hence the penchant for jungle justice at the slightest opportunity.

Also of significant worry is the proliferation of our cities by potential ruffians and destructive elements. Not that it is peculiar to us but the alarming growth rate of these elements cannot be divorced from the socio-economic climate. These people appear in various forms and loiter the streets in search of "opportunities."  While some cling to jobs through which they occasionally unleash their internal fury on the society.

The twin challenge of restoring confidence in our justice system and empowerment of the teaming population of unemployed and underemployed youths  is one reality that we cannot shy away from.
Without confidence in the justice system jungle justice and mob actions are the only alternatives  to which angry masses resort when they face decision between law and emotion.

I sympathise with the police who are working under this harsh environment.I used to blame them for such incidence but not anymore. They are as well part of the victims of the system they are policing.
Now two banks will have a big decision to make regarding their loss and the fate of innocent workers whose only sin is to work in a location where lawless drivers and trigger happy policemen demonstrated the depth of their fiery temper and distrust of justice and fairness. And of course, some.families would be somewhere lamenting the loss of their breadwinners with rage in their heart.

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