Our Street Sweepers and the Burden of Safety...

Have you given a thought to the street sweepers.?  They made your city clean despite your habit of dumping little waste in the open space.. They prevented your city from turning into mountain of filth...

Every morning, they wake up early and position themselves along the highways and other strategic locations: With their brooms and and their will. They are not ashamed to be street sweepers despite being underpaid while exposing their health to germs as well as dangerous drivers.

Have you given a thought to the garbage collector. He comes daily to empty your rubbish can. With bare hands and sometimes a smelly torn gloves. He dresses in tattered clothes that barely cover his body because his employer could not provide him basic safety and health protection gadgets. From morning till evening he would go around the city and homes picking your wastes while having a short rest and his lunch beside his truck.

This morning, have a little thought of these people whose job keep your city and homes from being overrun by epidemics. You may not have a family among them know.. they do more than the politicians and the bankers sitting in cosy office to enjoy their luxury. 

To these group of workers among did their likes... I dedicate my morning prayers and thought. 


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