Never Lose Hope - Part 2


By Isqil Najim

Albert Einstein asked a question that puzzled me too, "Am I or the other that is crazy?"

Continued from part 1
In a police cell, he waited for the Officer to attend to him. To know what he did wrong. No one explains anything. The two police officers that came to pick him at home merely told him, "you are invited to our office"

He was scared. He told them to let him call someone and inform them of his whereabouts. Thinking it was in relation to the failed business in office. He called Baba Eleran. I am invited to Alagbole Police station for a chat. In case I don't return.

"What happened and again?" Baba screamed on the phone.
"I don't know!" Tayo replied, exasperated.
"Police visit is like hungry lion inviting a fat rabbit to a Ludo game, I will join you there soon"
He hung up.
The police officers look at the now frightened young man and assured him there is no problem.

"There is no problem?" He asked sarcastically.
"Yes!"   the officers replied
"Okay, let's go".

"Oh wait," Tayo suddenly remember something. "I want to call a friend also"
"Okay" one of the police officers replied impatiently.
He dialed his phone and for reason best known to him, he put its on loud speaker. It turned out to be a mistake.

"Hello Scorpion!"
"Hello Tayo, it is good to hear from you. I hope the money is ready, I may come for it today" rapped the man at the end of the phone.
"No please, wahala wa o! Policemen are here again o. They are taking me to Alagbole station. Please don't tell mummy yet.  You know how fragile her health is. Just in case "

"Police again?" Shouted scorpion.
"Abeg leave me out of this. The last time you called me on police matter, I spent three days in detention. Please sort yourself out abeg. And don't forget to come home on Friday, I need that 5k badly. It is my last hope"
And then he cut off the phone.

The two policemen looked at one another. Wondering what was amiss but shrugged it off.

The now humiliated Tayo ignored them. his plan backfired. He had hoped his friend will talk tough but he mere succeeded in adding salt to his injury.
Oya, let's go. The police said. Politely.
He followed them  like a sheep being led to slaughterhouse. His world was ending. So he thought.

At the station, he waited impatiently for the DPO. Eventually, he was invited in. He saw a woman and a young man already seated in the office. He sensed trouble but the people were assuring.

The woman smiled invitingly. The DPO motioned. him to the empty seat. He was also smiling.

Why are they both smiling? He thought to himself. Then he remember the provervial hungry Lion smiling at a rat. He froze.

All the same, he sat down.

The DPO spoke first. "Congratulation young man!" This time, his fear begin to melt as he sensed good news coming. He is now impatience to hear it.

"We have succeeded in establishing the fact behind your case. We have arrested the real culprit and your boss was really sorry for all you have been through. That is why he sent this kind hearted woman." :He pointed at the beautiful woman who was nodding approvingly and apologetically too.

"Now, she asked me to arrange this meeting and to close your file so that you can enjoy the fruit of your labour. Once again, congratulation!"

Unable to hold his excitement, Tayo jumped up as  tear of joy fell from his eyes. He danced and intuitively hug the samarithan who brought the good news. The third man was motionless. He was carrying a black bag.

"Sit down," the woman said while Tayo hold his hands up in the air. Praising God. "My name is Maddam Toyosi Oni. I am the MD/CEO of Loboto International Oil. We have branches in middle east, America and Asia. We are also into Cement importation and Electronics distribution. We will be opening an electronics franchise business. In Lagos soon."

She paused. As if to let him digest what she had just said now. The DPO was nodding in admiration while the third man was still unreadable. He may be madam's messenger, he thought.

"I have heard of your good works before your trouble at your former office and I have discussed with your former boss before coming here. His company has actually been sold to me. But I don't want you to return to the place" she paused again. Watching him.

Disappointment clearly show on Tayo's face but he was more than grateful that he will be out of this trouble, finally.

"So, I want you to head our new operation in Lagos as the MD..."

He jumped up excited and screamed. Tear of joy again interrupted his celebration.

Madam Toyosi ignored him and continued "Sunday!" he called the third man who is now sparked to life for the first time. "Bring the bag." 
He obeyed. And handed the black bag to her 

"Take this, it contains some money. 1 million naira cash and a check of 4 millions. That is compensation for your past unjust detention. It is also contains your confiscated accounts and checkbook. We have sorted everything out. You will resume your job next week."

He went on his knee. And thanked Madam profusely. "Don't mention, she said" and then face the DPO. "Thank you for your help. I will take my leave now"
The DPO extended a handshake to Tayo. "Congratulation, once again, Mr Tayo!"

"Remember, Police are your friend." At that mention, he frown but quickly shifted his attention to madam.

"Lest I forget, "Madam suddenly said and she extend a car keys to him." Take this keys, the Toyota Car parked outside is yours". Speechless, he collected but Madam didn't wait for more emotional reactions as she left the office.

See you in office on Monday.

The DPO called one of the police officers that brougght him to the statiuon. Please take Tayo to the car Madam brought. He can go now.

Outside, Tayo couldn't believe his luck as he walked to the car.  Many thoughts were now going into his head. Now he will show scorpion how bad a friend he has been. He will now show Toyin (the babe that jilted him) that he has arrived.

How will Baba Eleran take this good news? I will buy him a plot of land. He told himself. I will surely not forget his good counsels and his love. So many thoughts running through his mind.

By the way, why has he not been here as promised? Maybe he is on the way. He will wait for him. After a few minutes, Baba did not show up. He entered the car, inserted bthe key into the ignition. The car came to life. The he pressed the pedal...

Tap tap tap! A hand gently tapping him accompanied by A voice from nowhere. "What is wrong with you?" He ignored it and press the pedal harder. 
Then a gentle repeative kick kick. It was Baba eleran. He has been watching him for a while.

Nooooo! Tayo screamed. And slowly opened his eyes. The reality down on him. He has been dreaming. He looked at his window. The sun is already up.

Baba Eleran understood. And he made sure he was fully awake. What is wrong with you? He asked again. "Nothing!" Tayo said embarrassingly.

Okay o. I just come to gaive you this paper. One of my friends said there is a vacancy at a pure water factory and I feel you will like to give it a try.

As he takes his exit, he turned back cast a glance at Tayo and said "just don't mistake dream for reality. All dreamers must work their way to be real. Otherwise, you may suffer needlessly in the hands of your imagination. Just remember Joseph didn't dream his to Royalty, he offered his services to others and get recommendations those who are satisfied with his services. Every efforts you made to help others with legitimate services take you closer to achieving your dream" 

then  He left promising to see him again.

What a dream! Damn! Tayo scratch his head. Not knowing whether to cry or laugh.

To be continued..

I am  by Isqil Najim 

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