Quit this illusion


When was the last time Nigerians love a sitting president 100% without overdose  of criticism,  skepticism and generous bonuses in curses? 

Tafawa Balewa (killed in a coup. His government was actually controversial and filled with high level intrigues which was why the Republic ) Aguiyi Ironsi (came in a turbulent time and of course, he received hostile welcome just as the criticism under his reign were well documented. ) ; Gen. Yakubu Gowon (humiliated out of office) ; Murtala Muhammad  (assassinated in a coup);  Gen. Olusegun Obasanjo (hurried out of office) ... Shehu Sagari (his removal by army was celebrated )... General muhammadu Buhari (Nigerians celebrated his removal by IBB)... General Babangida (disgraced ).. chief  Sonekan (illegitimate,  no one  grief  his removal from office. .. no one remember    ).... Gen Sani Abacha (the only leader whose death was nationally celebrated in wild jubilation.  He was becoming a nuisance )... Abubakar Abdulsalami (hounded out like a hot shit...not even given chance )....civilian President  Obasanjo (ridiculed and discarded  for his 3rd term ambition )... Musa Yaradua , the offshore president (criticised till death rescued him)... Goodluck Jonathan (ha! Still fresh... though his supporters are still hoping to rewrite history)... and now President Buhari....(on the hot seat....)

So the people investing energy into the idea of expecting  Nigerians to go to  sleep and cheer PMB everyday   had better channel that energy into urging the president  to deliver and leave lasting legacy. Nigerian criticism of their leaders may appear to be borne out of hate and impatience, but  appreciate leaders who make positive impacts in life of people no matter how small.. why do you think the names, Awolowo,  Azikwe, etc continue to be celebrated even after they are long gone? Do you think there were no corruption   cases during  their administration. ?

All these media manipulations  , sponsored trolls, sycophants, tribal loyalty, emotional  supporters   and doctored news , are not new... they ended once the politician exited  office and his actual performance become the only yardstick through which  they are subsequently rated and judged.I remember the massive impact of Awolowo's free education and not the noise and ranting of his critics or the songs of sycophants. I remember the impact of Tinubu, Fashola and now Ambode on   Lagos IGR and  its economy but not the noise of opposition. I remember the noble works of Malam Aminu Kano among Talakawa. 

Those who love the president are the ones who criticise him. They want history to favour him as his tenure benefits Nigerians. Those pouring out volumes of lies and hyperbole in order to make    a stench look like perfume are his real enemies. Because history is on the side of the performers . A leader will be judged by the legacy he bequeathed his people and not by the noises made on pages of newspapers or  the drama created to divert attention away from reality.

Understand: corruption and crimes existed in all the regimes. The high octane politics and brickbats among politicians have always existed. They are united in the common understanding that this is a game of power and each one of them have chosen to play by the rule they have collectively decided. Nigeria is not divided between Hausa, Fulani, Igbo, Ijaw, kanuri, et al.  Nigeria is divided between political class and the people  between the colonies of opportunists and the rest of us. Between the Rich and the Poor. Between 

Therefore,don't think your noise and praise singing of your political  inclination matter, they don't! Quit the illusion that you can manipulate the future through a series of drama and distorted mindset. If you have a semblance of that achievement,  it is just temporary.  Ephemeral. ..
In the end, we shall remember the legacies and not the drama and their actors...


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