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If you think your society is all mad...

The society is a combination of individuals of different backgrounds and passion who contributed one way or the other to make it what it is. The name and geographical location are but umbrella under which they are collectively identified... without these individuals the society cannot exist.

Therefore when these individuals are in crisis the society would be in crisis. When they are in harmony the society would be in harmony... the society doesn't become bad just because some people are bad. It takes the silent passive approval of the good for the bad to dominate. The society does not become good because everyone is good. It takes majority approval for the good to prevail.. whichever one prevails, is the dominant culture embrace by the majority..

I found it disturbing sometimes when I read people curse their society or lament how things are not going the way they should be. While this lamentation is necessary in a culturally polluted society to alert the like minded groups of the need for reform and correction; it becomes a social nuisance contributing to general confusion when it is lamentation for the sake of lamentation. When it breeds negativity and hopelessness among the citizens or trigger a general recourse to destructive actions and curses..

Some even think their society is insane.. to which I always have one contribution. .. "a tree does not make a forest. The same plant that bears sweet fruits also carries bitter skin... if you think your society is ALL mad and insane, remember it contains people like you!"


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