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Echo of my mind: Of war and Deceits

Between these two men, millions of people around the world were made to believe a lie in a bid to punish an individual they didn't like...

They personalised a war, and placed their military superiority above strategic preparation. Hoping all end quickly and the nation move on to a new order after embracing almighty democracy. Alas, they miscalculated!

Millions of people had been killed and billions of dollars expended on war that should never have been..

And most tragically, millions of people today are displaced and are still suffering from the after effect of that invasion which failed to expose any Weapons of Mass destruction for which the country was overran but had only succeeded in creating weapon of mass destabilisation in the character of ISIS and murderous terrorists.

while the two may have taken the decision based on their judgement, the opposite has been the outcome. From Iraq to Libya to Syria to Africa, the negative effect had been felt and still being felt. Europe is awashed with seas of refugees fleeing war ravaged middle east after terrorists in rebel 's garb overrun the region.

Leaders and followers all around the world need to understand the need not to make war the first order in crisis resolution.

It would be instructive to note the roles of media in promotion of the lies leading to the war. Even as at today, the traditional media and the social media has been very active in propagation of lies especially in critical times.

Our world is imperfect with good and bad guys in the same pot. But one bad guy need not be destroyed by extermination of several goods guys unless it is inevitable then only way.

Chilcot Report said nothing new.. it only confirmed what we already know as well as echo what is going on today. In a world where information fly at speed of thoughts, smart rogues among us have chosen to concoct lies and exaggeration in order to fan ember of war and rebellions that serve them politically and put pressure on their opponents in power. They inspired the common men and employ the media to repeat the lies until it becomes the truth.

The easiest part of violence change is the execution and the propaganda part. The hardest work would come after the deed is done. And rebuilding commences. That is if there is ever any rebuilding. That is if the teaming rebel groups agree to work as one without selfishness. That is if the people are willing live like dogs and question no order from the new leaders or seek no improvement in their lifestyle.

The reason history is written is not to entertain but to provide lessons for coming generation. . That they may learn therefore.. that they may make better judgement. . That is if history do not repeat itself. ..

We can't return into the past but we can take a cue from the mistake of the past and address the future.
John Steinbeck was absolutely right when he said: "all war is a symptom of man's failure as a thinking animal"

Peace on mankind ...

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