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It is Futile to fight for God and Religion. Let Love be your weapon

Some people debating what Islam is and what Islam is not; Some people quoting bible as if they were the custodian of the scripture. People judging one another according to the action and inaction of mad (extremists) fellows among them.. They ridicule their opposite religions and aim at proving superiority of their own...

Rarely do they pause to ponder. What if... What if... A day come and it turn out that all of them are in the wrong? What if a day come and it turn out that the mad ones among them had something else possessing them-devil? What if all of them are right and this world is indeed not a black and white as we thought?

I am a Muslim, therefore my religion is superior. I am a christian, therefore I will inherit the kingdom.. I am a pagan and protecting my forefathers' tradition. I protect and defend those on my side and win souls to my side... But I deny those on my side who had become social nuisance only when the other side begin to judge me by their (madmen's) action. If the mad ones on my side (among the madmen) keep their madness low and limited to those against me, I will back them as long as they are behind me....

Mankind is running at something.. And they will find it. Though what they will find will never be exactly what they are looking for.

I know a Devil worshiper who is a good man, he'd never taken anything that belong to others but he is fetish when consulting his god. And I know a pastor who sleep with other people's wives despite his regular sermon to the contrary, and he dupe his followers to get rich. And a Muslim clerics who knows Quran inside out but his actions are those from the devil!

Of what use is out hitting our heads at the wall over things we have no real knowledge of? Our only knowledge is that our "source" came from divine being and we must have faith! Everyone understand what divinity is and everyone believe his god is better than others.

If your god is indeed better than others, he should be able to show it himself. Enough of grandstanding. Religion will avail no one of any good in this life or after if your neighbours are not free from your evil deed.
Peace on mankind!

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