Echo of my mind: Take their counsels with a pinch of Salt!

Some people can't stand the truth.. In their minds the only truth is the one coming from their clan and fabricated in their backyards .. the truth that favour and benefit them alone and alone....

The world of men is easy to comprehend... those complicated episodes are masks used to cover and shift attention away from the real substances. .

When you see a dramatic person acting so funny. .. so suspicious and so insecure, whether in deed or in words..spoken or induced.. he is displaying a mirror before you to enable you take short into at his inner world. . He is showing you the real content of his heart..if you are skilled at dissecting character from unusual dramatic behavior, you will be saved from the labour of unproductive argument and ego trip. And if you are bent on proving yourself for whatever reason... you will only end with proverbial battle with pigs in the muddy water. ..

How do you know a liar in a simple way? Tell a simple truth that can easily be verified and watch the liar go on complicated monologue to prove that he is the only alpha and omega of the truth... wait till he or she found out the truth and watch the change in his or her narrations to excuse his or her error.

Understand: cheaters think everyone cheats. Liars thinks everyone lies. So their life and world is woven around making their acts look unblemished...saintly. ..acceptable. ..

Their most (in)sensible argument(s) always end like this "...after all I am not the only one..everyone is doing it!"

Take their counsels with a pinch of salt!

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