Echo of my mind: It is not enough to clap for them...

"The greatest challenge of the day is how to bring about a revolution of the heart, a revolution which has to start with each of us"

Often times we see people who defy the odds of social, physical and economic challenges confronting them to fend for themselves and to lift themselves out of abyss of neglect and social stigma.

Their challenging condition(s) would not deter them from practicing their trade or trying out innovative way to offer services to the society in exchange for decent earning. . Neither would the social stigmatisation stop them from trying out all positive means...away from crimes and self pity.

With vocational enterprises everyone has the chance to make a decent livelihood in legitimate way.. Everyone has the chance to wear a smile every night as he walk to his or family waiting arms after day job..

For the man in the pucture, I believe however that his condition can be much better. He needs a wheel chair purpose built and enhanced skill set as a cobbler. He is just one of many out there who are working to break the chains of abjectivity fastened around their neck by circumstances beyond their control.

I do not know this young man in picture but i know we have many of his kind around the country. Government and established authority should watch out for such persons and encourage them through provision of mobility support (as the case maybe). They can be part of our economy diversification and growth. .

You can help:

Patronise them
1. Patronise  their services (both able and physically challenged ) more and stop haggling over 5 or 10 naira bills for quality services they render. A lot of us would rather have those 5 naira bills go missing than leave it for the poor and hardworking folks in whose eyes those 5 naira bills look like 5, 000 naira.

2. Donate 5 naira change. 
How much easy it is for us donate our 5, 10, 20 naira change at shoprite despite their inflated prices but we fight with lowly traders and artisans over 5 or 10 naira change? While I am not advocating free cash, it cost nothing to donate 5 naira as tip if the person give you excellent job which only cost 5 or 10 naira.

3. Educate and correct them
So many of these people had low level of education and so many learned their trades on the streets. And of course, has very poor customer relation and know no other way to address it. If you are superior in education and thinking don't  just walk away and transfer your services to Millionaires if you are not satisfied.. educate them! A simple correction is fine.. And if they prove to recalcitrant, there are others out there who would gladly step in and offer you better services.

4. Draw government attention to their need.
The majority of these people do not have the same opportunity that many of us have to connect to authority that could address social need. They do not have the same voices as we have to be heard. As much as you can, show support by giving their cause one of your voices. .hopefully someone in power or someone going into power would see opportunities at the grassroot and action may follow.

It is not enough to clap for challenged individuals who are exerting efforts toward making positive contributions in the society, while some are using their situation as excuse for going into crimes. You do not have to give them money or alm. . Give them jobs to do and patronise their services with smile..

In this way we could be helping the society redistribute wealth and empower those below us. We could be adding verve to dignity of labour and assuring our youths that no matter what honest and legitimate vocation they embark upon, they can always succeed without having to resort self pity, begging or ending up in abject poverty lane.

Through your will and passion and personal commitment, you can assist in consigning the evil of poverty, inequality and and social segregation into history by playing your little roles and empower honest and innovative individuals through patronising their goods and services.

When you and i play our little roles as everyone else, the cumulative effect to the society in the long run can be astoundingly broad.

The world will never stop having criminal and greedy elements but we can put dent on criminal enterprises not by throwing criminals into prisons and punishing them, but by empowering those willing to walk the honest path of engaging in enterprises of theit choices through fair patronage of their services.

"The greatest challenge of the day.." said Dorothy Day.."is how to bring about a revolution of the heart,  a revolution which has to start with each of us..."

... I am @isqilnajim

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