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my six honest friends...

"What can i do to change this situation?"  is a better question to "why is this happening to me?  re framing our question bring focus on us instead of the problems."why" compel to internalize the situation and traps us in endless emotional judgement that obscure our capacity to see the larger picture and enjoy creative problem solving adventure, which in turn make us wiser and stronger. "what" energizes us into finding out what went wrong, including our roles in attracting ill luck to ourselves. . It brings us close to solution and prevention..

Many people make the mistake of plucking the leaf of their challenges while the roots are consistently watered and nourished by shit (curse, blame game, unwillingness to accept responsibility, revenge, consistently repeating same act while thinking  problem is elsewhere)

l learned from a sage, long ago, to keep these honest companions, they have taught me all i know and show me how to live..they are why, who, how, where, when and what. I   fell in love with what and my life have been simple ever since..



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