Shut up! You Are A Witch! ~ Bucky Hassan.

To anyone who has raped/plundered Nigeria: Keep Quiet! You are a witch! You deserve to be hunted! .. Bucky Hassan

When the UK authorities arrested/charged/jailed Ibori, I saw posts where pippuls claimed it was witch-hunting and asked if he was the only corrupt Nigerian.

Now the Nigerian authorities have arrested/charged Saraki, pippuls are claiming witch-hunting and asking if he is the only corrupt Nigerian.

Now we hear that Diezani has been arrested, and the cries of witch- hunting have begun rising again!!
A beg!!! If you look like a witch, cackle like a witch, fly on a broom like a witch, then you ARE a witch and winch-hunters go hunt you!

People have eyes, they know a true witch-hunt. When Prof Tam David-West as Petroleum Minister was probed to the 9th degree and all they could find against him was he accepted a gift of a gold watch - that was witch-hunting. When SLS blew the whistle re awa $20 billion Dollars, and a gazzillion page disciplinary report was thrown at him, charges of terrorism were levied against him without an iota of proof (and promptly thrown out by the courts), it smelt like witch-hunting. If Oby Ezekwesili is arrested by the EFCC tomorrow, and accused of corruption, that will likely be witch-hunting. If Pastor Tunde Bakare is arrested and probed to the 100th degree and accused of giving the rice the GEJ Presidency sent him, to his congregation, we will call it witch-hunting.

HOWEVER, to the teeming multitude of crooks in the political, civil servant, military, and elite class; if they arrest any of you, probe you, and find bank accounts of millions of dollars you did not legitimately earn, private jets all your legitimate earnings since you were a child could not add up to buy, houses worth billions of naira you cannot show a paper trail of how you managed to afford to purchase, children in expensive overseas universities whose fees your legitimate earnings and savings cannot cover - then do not dare mention the word 'witch-hunting'!

I don't care if you are a scape-goat, if it is selective type-casting, if you are being targeted because you are a friend/foe/ally/enemy to those in power etc etc! If you stole the money, you stole it! You are a thief!

To anyone who has raped/plundered Nigeria: Keep Quiet! You are a witch! You deserve to be hunted! ~ Bucky 2015.

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