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Echo of my Mind: There Shall be celebration

Once upon a time, the city was as dark as the pit of hopelessness. Men suffered to taste the good water of life.

The leaders continued ruling like blind bats flying across the land of darkness. The minds of the people were darkened from the dark dust raised by the leaders of confusion.

The walls of lamentation persisted until the city heard the march of great men advancing towards the city gate to overthrow the rules of vipes who had killed talents and dreams of young men. Suddenly, the city came alive with the light of salvation. The trumpet of freedom was lifted up and the light of glory defeated the darkness of sorrow.

Celebration entered their hearts and they lived happily thereafter.

..................Yinkas A. Adebajo

This morning, while going through an old diary, with view to draw inspiration from the past as I periodically do... I saw the piece above that I clipped from one Yinkas Adebajo's article in 2004. I do hope this come to pass soonest. There shall be celebration!

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