Common Man Hero; Ordinary people making us proud


Uncle Timawus Mathias ·shared this story of his and I think it is worth spreading...


Bappa and I. Right after Kumo, I stopped briefly for some vehicular check. I left the spot and discovered later that my phone, a blackberry overloaded with Uncle Time Notes Reminders Emails and stuff was missing. Day as later, an associate called me to report that one Bappa had called him using my called numbers to say that my lost but found phone was with him. He left his own contact number.

I was overjoyed and called him. He narrated to me how he saw the phone fall off as I shut the door and zoomed off. I visited him in his little homestead in Gadawo between Kumo and Gombe.
Bappa is his name. He said there was N1785 worth of credit on the phone. He used up N90 before he found someone who could reach me. Then he crashed his motorbike and was bruised all over, and without credit on his own line, he was forced to use up N80 to talk to his family to come and rescue him. He was terribly sorry.

I swallowed hard, defeated by the occurrence of selflessness in this young lad in Gadawo. What does he do now? Nothing. He has secondary education. 5 credits without English. I wished I could. First things first. Gratitude. Offering for treatment. Words of encouragement on the benefits of honesty and the certainty of reward. At the promise of a solution to being idle, he told me of hundreds like him in just this small village. This hunger burns and converts to anger. Are we really ready to address the radicalisation of our offspring and their subsequent conversion to haters of society? Suddenly my robes felt like filthy rags that needed the washing with this flood of sincerity. Bappa shares my address now

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