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Chelsea, Arsenal and Petr Cech: chicken coming home to roast?

For some times, I have noticed this within me. Now I will speak louder and let you hear the ringing in my chest. Those who care to know among Chelsea fans need to be worried about this (Petr to Arsenal) move as does their manager, Jose Mourinho. Arsenal fans may not know what they are celebrating, but it is certainly no mediocrity and they may yet laugh last.

Everyone knows that Wenger is a good manager who has started losing touch with reality. Everyone knows that his number one weakness is defensive deficiency. For some reason unknown to us, he could not learn and he could not catch up with changing football trends. Everyone also knows that he has never beaten Jose because of this and he would want to do so quickly now that time is running out for him.

A word from Jose when Arsenal fans called him boring and he still had the match goes his way. He said “You support the club and you're waiting, waiting, waiting for so many years without a Premier League title, so that's very boring.” . Another was when delivering POTY award speech where he mocked arsenal along with other rivals. He said of Arsenal, “There is a third team, and the third team wants to play with two goals. They were scoring some, they were also conceding some. But they were fantastic; they score some really beautiful goals. They were almost there. But they asked the international board to play only between January and April. And they told 'no chance, no chance'’

The noted in one of his jibes that parking the bus is not easy and that is why many managers can't replicate it. Wenger on other hand must have noted this as well.  He can’t figure out the trick even as he tried..

So he is hiring someone who is very, very familiar with this tactic and who is still active in football and more years to give. This to me, is, and could be one of the reasons Arsene Wenger put his pride aside and go for his man. There are other options available but he seems to know what he is doing. It doesn’t mater whether he is Chelsea leftover or bench warmer. He is not just buying a goalkeeper. He is buying three things at 10m and Roman is foolish not to see this.

Wenger is buying a technical backup, someone with vast experience in what he and the team really need and who has worked with the master for many years, and whose opinions would be help to him in the defensive shortcoming of the team. He is buying an adviser and an unofficial deputy combined to help him with the formula to crack Jose Mourinho and he is also buying a quality player. This is what arsenal is buying.

So next season is going to be interesting, when Chelsea and Arsenal meet again. Is Mourinho really a genius and can he beat his own system when one of his most trusted players in Petr Cech turn up against him? Remember David Luiz frustrated Jose and alerted his new teammates at PSG  on  best way to overcome Jose system. It worked and they went on to qualify at the expense of Chelsea. Will Arsene Wenger be teachable? Has Cech learned enough tactics and technicalities from Jose over the years to stand on his own and influence games in defensive department? Do not forget many of these players want to be managers in future and so they are also learning the tactics from their managers. Is Cech that intelligent enough to have picked up the lessons?

We will soon find out the answers next season...congratulations once again to arsenal for buying "aloku" from Chelsea. We shall soon see how right or wrong this decision is if it turns out to go through. Chelsea should now develop a new bus or else, Petr Cech would make you regret selling him and gift your rival tips that may define the next career path for Jose Mourinho.

Some years back, while at Inter and having beaten Barcelona on the way to finals, a journalist asked Jose Mourinho if he can play against such system he deployed and still crack it. His reply was fascinating. .but i can remember him saying he would find a way to beat it since he created it... he met LVG that year and he beat him but that wasn't a real test because LVG is not really that rigid. He met A.  Madrid who played similar system and he failed to crack it. The later went on to final at his expense. He met PSG who were inspired by his former players in persons of David Liuz and Ibra... he failed.

He has succeeded elsewhere but those ones were not well celebrated. . Perhaps he has a new trick now, perhaps he is just going to kick.. Perhaps i am wrong. We shall see soon in the next season.

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