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To those waiting for Buhari to fail.. Read this

Those who waited for Jonathan to fail are now inheriting mega failures..

Some people are waiting for Buhari to fail.. even before the man resumes office. Tah..  Tah.!Tah.! Your foolishness is microscopic, that is why you couldn't see the bigger picture. Even though it is right in front of everyone. .
Those who waited for Jonathan to fail are now inheriting mega failures...Boko haram has become a monster and even started creating their own generation. They raped innocent daughters and mothers and impregnated them. they turn their ancestral lands into abode of horror. States are in financial mess, oil subsidy have become hydra headed monster. Corruption is now a national emblem.. . Unemployment situation has worsen.. look out everywhere, every single failure of Jonathan would be inherited by Muhammad Buhari and he cannot escape it and cannot pass the responsibility. . His job is now to find solution or risk citizens' anger. . He must solve them all as if they are his personal challenges.

As for Jonathan, he will will not take any of national failures/Problems to Otueke. He will be leaving office with full honour, life time retirement benefits, and his name firmly on the pages of history.. no one can ever uproot it. His good, on other hand would surely be credited to him, he would transfer none of them to incoming government. He has earned them!
Now people of little mind, if you work toward and pray that Buhari fails, it is apparent that it is the country and you, the people that will suffer in the next four years. Like Jonathan, he too would leaves and passes the failures you encouraged to germinate to your man (that is in case your man wins 2019 elections) and the cycle would repeat itself..problems after problems...failure induced by hatred of the holder of the office and your inability to know where to draw the line.

A disgruntled son wanted to punish the landlord representative because his father, who is the landlord, did not consider him worth the position. So he arranged with thugs to set the house on fire. His father died and bequeathed the burnt building to the son. With love and sincerity, he said "Rebuild it, and make the best use of it!"
Such is the fate of foolish citizens who wish their leaders to fail just because their prefer candidate was defeated.

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