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Vote not fight: Be guided by our common humanity and not your rage!

Friends and adversaries, I know you are passionate about this country and want your candidate to win the next election. Be it at State or Federal level. Your patriotism could be because of your desire to have good governance or because you are expecting to benefit from the government; either directly through contracts, appointment or through some sort of inducement, or indirectly through psychological satisfaction of having one of your own, tribe, religion, zone in power. Whatever your reason(s), know that these men are not worth your blood or suffering of your fellow men. If they win, they will eventually leave office and resign from politics to enjoy their rewards and if they lose, you will always find something else to do and someone else to support back to continue their political journey.

As the election days draw nearer, I ask of you to ponder on this great nation. We have survived the the insensitive and corrupt rulers, we have survived brutal dictators, we have gone through a devastating war just as we have suffered the backlash of economic woes together. We are still standing despite the predictions and doom and doomsday. These should make us more resolute, and stronger together.

The man on the street who who wakes up everyday to conduct bus on the road suffer the same effect from power outage as the man who work in a cosy office. The woman who sells pure water sachets on the road side spend the same Naira of same values as the man sitting working in government office. When Boko Haram sent its killer machines to terrorize our people, the bombs did not discriminate between Hausa, Igbo or Ijaw, Poverty does not discriminate between Muslims or Christians... Power Outage has nothing to do with whether you are from the south or the north. We suffer together. We enjoy together.

As you match forth to the elections in coming dates, be guided by our common humanity and while you are fully entitled to your votes and to why you are making your choice, understand that killing or inciting violence that kill (either through words or through encouraging the men of underworld and thugs) is not going to add any value to your existence. We will all eventually go back to our normal lives and work with whoever win for the next four years.

Today, I walk with all, in the spirit of togetherness, love and our shared humanity.. let our acts and efforts be one that promote our collective existence and not one that empower the men of the dark-world to take over the future of our children and grandchildren.

Prepare to walk to the poll with your head on your shoulder and with determination never to give politicians or the devil power over you.

God bless our Country! God bless our people.


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