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Below is the contribution of Professor Idris Bugaje to the on going public hearing by KTHA on the need for public servants to enroll their children in public schools.
"Public Hearing by Katsina State House of Assembly Committee on Education on Bill to Compel Public Servants Enrol Their Children in Public Schools Sponsored By The Minority Leader, Abdullahi Mahuta (APC, Malumfashi)

I am making this short submission to this esteemed public hearing to give my support for the bill above and also share my experiences on a similar arrangement that operates in Malaysia. I was an expatriate lecturer in the University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur between 1997 – 1999. I was there with my wife and three children, two of who were of school age. This prompted me to contact my university for enrolment of my kids and I was directed to the Ministry of Education Kuala Lumpur Municipality. There I was briefed on the educational system of Malaysia and was given admission letters for a school near my residence. The highlights of the system are:
• Every public servant working in public institution from Prime Minister (then it was Dr Mahathir Muhamad) down to the messenger in the office sent their children and wards to public schools.
• Every lecturer or staff in the university is not exempted except if you studied overseas and you brought in kids who do not understand the national language Malay, in that case 1 or 2 years respite is given to enable them learn the language and adjust to the new environment, and there after join public schools.
• Any public servant who intends to send his kids to private school is required to leave the public service.
Above is just a summary of Dr Muhathir policy on public schools and it has worked very well for his country. They even have Sekola Bestari (so called smart public schools) that have no teachers but facilitators and are entirely driven by ICT, graduating SSCE equivalent at age 12 and ready for university education."
Prof IM Bugaje

And today we send thousands of our children to Malaysia for their education. Instead of buying fish from Malaysia, why can't we simply learn the art of fishing from them???

Thanks to Hon.  Abdullah Mahuta.

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