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My Comment: Don't Let Politicians Get too comfortable in Power

Let's get the system back to work, vote out Jonathan and rescue Nigeria from this dangerous slide. You can begin to groom younger candidate to take over from GMB in 2019.. that is a better option than hoping a younger man will magically appear after Jonathan in 2019 and lead us to promised Land...

My brother, let us be honest... Yes, he (GMB)  is 72 now... If he will go for two terms, it is not his to decide. It is ours to decide. Look at what is happening to Jonathan.. Most of the people who voted him in first term are now mobilizing seriously to vote him out. Why? Because he has failed.. The same will happen to GMB if he overstay his welcome or fail to perform... Nigerians that I know will eventually ask him to go by the end of his first term... Also, once he becomes a democratically elected president, he will be closely watched, scrutinized and made to work for his mandate. Critics and their criticisms will not disappear. It is good for our democracy...

So in my view, rather than voting for more economic woes, disunity, insecurity, lack of transparency, deception, militancy, poverty, corruption, lack of leadership and complete absence of empathy in the hearts of our leaders as manifested in Jonathan, which is leading us into dangerous precipice, it is best to vote in someone who can clean up these mess...and set the pace for our national recovery.

While he (GMB) does his work, we can than put our money where our mouth is and begin search for young leaders...effectively after 2015 elections, That is if we are serious about it.... Those suggestions that we have to wait till 2019 after "Calamity Joe" have destroyed Nigeria and then a new, young vibrant leader will magically emerged and become favourite of political parties and the people is a pipe dream that will never happen in this country... This is Nigeria in 21st Century and not Biblical Israel of Old. There is no Promised Land or Messiah somewhere, as God will not do for us what we must do by ourselves. 

If we had truly want new generation of young leaders, we should have set up a new political party in 2011 and developed it... it takes time for parties to gain national spread needed to win elections in this country. It takes a lot of plans and networking across the country.. APC was not formed overnight as we all know how long it took them to become a united party.. Same was PDP. 

Somehow, it looks like many in our generation think setting up political party, funding it and finding a leader that is acceptable in every urban and rural areas of Nigeria is as easy as logging on Facebook and posting comments.. so we have not been working hard... All we have been doing is asking the old politicians to step down and handover to the  younger generation as if there was any time in our history where such thing happened. They were even asking for 30% allocation to them when they discovered they are too lazy to work toward their goals.. if younger leaders want power, they would have to work for it. I campaigned in favour of young president in the last two elections and I tried to work toward it.. From my experience, I can say these young leaders are not ready to take charge.  They are not united. They are selfish. They just want to be Social Media Strategists, Social Media Experts, Speech writers and propaganda and lies fabricators in favour of older politicians and they even consider this achievements and brag about it. At most, they want to be Special Assistant and Special Advisers.. This is what they have been working on. And this is what they have been getting.

If we cannot use our advantageous young population to form a political party and stand behind our candidates, then we will only be wasting our time thinking a young leader will one day magically appear from nowhere and become our darling... Obafemi Awolowo, Herbert Macaulay all set up their political parties while they were young and didn't wait for someone to hand over power to them on platter of gold. They worked for it. They campaigned and sold their programmes to the people. We must work for power if we want it. .. That is the way politics work in democracy..

This is my own position.. we should make it hard for leader to have second term unless they work very, very hard to make our lives better.. Once they see that we are determined and that we will not allow them feel too comfortable, and that we will not reward failure with repeat, they will either step up their game and be responsible to us or they will be disgraced out of office... The problem with Nigeria today is that most parties have kind of felt so assured of their second term that they don't even work hard for it. All they do is deploy propaganda to brainwash us and then pay some people to twist our reasoning.. or at their most devilish part, sponsor tribalism and religion extremism to distract us.

The main task of GMB in the next four years is to clean up the mess we are in.. corruption, insecurity and restore our national dignity. We need a restart button and GMB represents that Option... this can be achieved in four years as Kwankwaso, for instance have shown that four years is not too short to get things done. Even Fashola performed better in his first four years than the last one..that was because he was not sure of his second term re-election and had to do all he could within that time. the last four years is just a bonus.. we must resolve never again to let politicians get too comfortable with power.. once they could not perform magic in their first four years, they should be voted out no matter what party fields them...

Let's get the system back to work, vote out Jonathan in 2015 and rescue Nigeria from this dangerous slide. You can then begin to groom younger candidates to take over from GMB in 2019.. That is a better option than hoping a younger man will magically appear in 2019 after Jonathan and lead us to promised Land...

...Isqil Najim

Being my replies to a Post on Facebook by a friend asking for Younger President in 2015.

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