Echo of My mind: A world in Chaos

"Before the beginning of great brilliance, there is chaos~ I ching"

More than ever in history, the world is endangered. Not because the world has changed or threatened by external forces, but because of the activities of men. In deed and in plan.

From the comfort of your home to the sanctuary of your work. From wakefulness to slumber, danger looms. If you play it safe and hurt no one, someone will exploit your vulnerability to his advantage. If you go all out and trample upon others, you upset the system and creates domino effect of revenge, hate, and distrust.
We have amassed so much knowledge and hunger for more without applying all we know. Money today is in wider circulation than stone age, but the glamour belongs to the few.

Technology has improved our health system, such that illnesses considered incurable curses of witches and wizards are just a shot of injection, or dose of tablet away from cure. Yet, despite all of our advancement, progress and development... Peace and and contentment elude us. Empathy gives way to pity. Rich and poor see one another as tool to an end. War, crisis, hunger, illness....who need a prophet to know that mankind will manufacture it's own doom? Where will it all lead us?

A random thought from a mind in serenity. A quote I once saw from Dr Mulqueeny echoing in my head.... "Before the beginning of great brilliance, there is chaos~ I ching"

Isqil Najim ‪#‎echoofmymind‬

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