When you think your problem is worst than others'

This lady has no hands and she trained her legs to do everything you can think of that hands can do. She drives with her legs with the aid of a special steering constructed near the brake pedal, she eats with those legs, do make- ups with those legs, brushes her hair with the leg.She can do almost everything with legs including eating.
What is your excuse?

Pondering on the.words of Mark fisher...“Always remember, that at a certain height, there are no clouds, if there are clouds in your life, it is because your soul has not soared high enough. Many people make the mistake of fighting against their problems. What you must do is raise yourself above those problems once and for all. The heart of rose will lead you above the cloud, where the sky is forever clear. Don’t waste your time chasing the clouds, they will unceasingly re-appear...."

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