Nigerian destiny: Between the vultures and the vampires

Nigeria has so many potential tyrants, power hungry vampires whose only sanctimony lies behind the fact that they are yet to taste power at the top and may or may never do... Isqil Najim 

If there is more profound lesson I have learned repeatedly among my people, it is that Nigeria has so many potential tyrants, power hungry vampires whose only sanctimony lies in the fact that they are yet to taste power at the top and may or may never do.

A limited power at their disposal is transforming them to local tyrants, bulldogs and vengeful dictators, hot-tempered commentators and compulsive liars. God is so wise to keep them where they belong...obscured in political wilderness at most they become suitcase carriers and Social media debaters for lucky politicians and fortunate public office holders.

Don't trust everyone making noise about inept leaders at the top until you have seen how they run their homes or personal businesses. Until you have seen how they act when the public is not watching.… Look closely at their current circle of influence and their reactions when things and situations are against them.

This is not to say we should retain the vultures at the top, but to warn against replacing them with more vicious vampires. Our real enemies are among us working toward navigating themselves to the seat of power. To get there, they need our cry and our discontent with the men in power. They need our confusion and our desperation for changes. In the open they are pro people, but in the backyard, they are pro establishment.

Nigerians has the ignominy of choosing between the vultures that feast on their sorrow and the vampires that lives among them while sucking their blood directly or indirectly. These vampires are the agents of the darkness. They are beautiful in the day but deadly at night. They wear human skin but their hearts is that of cobra. They think nothing except how to trick their prey into their nests.

As I ponder upon this, I can now understand why we have been having accidental leaders. I can now understand why it was herculean task for us to unite behind a common cause. Everyone wants to be king in divided islands so that he can colonize the gullible ones. So that he can escape from the competition with those with more superior intelligence.

Do you want a vulture or vampire as your leader? It is your right to choose how you want to die and how you want to be buried. But you can't guarantee that your wish will be executed.  Just remember, these are not the only two species of our peculiar avian stock. There are alternatives. Only you can decide what you want.  2015 is near; your thumbs will bring to power those you willingly or unwillingly thump-printed on Election Day. And after that, lives go on. You choice become your destiny!

As for those who care to look for alternative and think, ponder upon the words of Harry Moyle Tippertt “The really great men of earth are never known by their titled names, or seldom so. So significant have been their services, so distinguished their gifts, that their simple name is enough...” All you just have to do is probe, and you will find them.

…..Isqil Najim (@isqilnajim)

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