I  need to love myself because I am love itself. All others are trigger points for my love. 

The more I love myself,the less I will need love from others. Does it resonate with you?This is the eternal truth which we miss in our life. No one taught us to love ourselves. We were told to have high self-esteem,be self-confident but not much about loving the self.

What do we all seek in relationships?LOVE, right?The key to experience love in relationships is to first feel the love from within. Peace, love and happiness are the most popular intangible rock stars that the whole world is dying to seek.But the truth is they are not out there, but waiting to be rediscovered within. In fact I am peace, I am love and I am happiness.I, the being of light resonate in the frequency of peace, love and happiness based on my moments. Each frequency or vibrations of peace, love or happiness give me different experience.This is why we all prefer and seek to be peaceful, loving and happy. It is my original nature. So the whole life, we run after love trying to experience it with different people in different relationships. We do experience it momentarily but we all realize at some point that we cannot get it from anyone continuously.Sometimes I get, sometimes I don’t. When I don’t get love, I fight, argue, quarrel, demand, beg, and in return get hurt, frustrated, angry...I need to love myself because I am love itself. All others are trigger points for my love.

When someone loves me, he/she is basically triggering the love within me.How can I invoke and feel my love? When,I accept myself for Who I AM – no judgments I treat myself with sweetness and care – not being hard on me.I appreciate myself for all that I am and I am doing – no criticism.With lot of tenderness and gentleness, I teach myself,correct myself, and tune myself – not being mean and guilty.I express myself with openness and trust –not suppress with stress, social opinions and fear.I respect myself for all my specialties, strengths and my unique flavour, I add to the world – not being down,jealous, comparing.I am clear with myself using truth and honesty – not getting confused or thinking too much.I embrace my weaknesses acknowledging its presence within me but also realizing that it is not me – not feeling guilty or awful, being at some bad place, e.g., anger is present in me, but I am not anger; I am love.When I start embracing the love within me, I automatically share that love with others – all my needs and wants disappear and I no longer seek love but give love to all in the universe.

....shared with me by a friend.

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