A Nation against its own progress: Vultures playing the roles of the Doves

Shame on the nation where truth is so scarce that many cling to falsehood as witness to the truth. The PhDs (pull him down) are fully in control.

A nation against it's own progress.... Vulture playing the roles of dove. And the dove, condemned to humiliation for every right of way she navigated in the air..... One by one, other birds in the Avian kingdom take sides, each trying to make sense out of commotion.. But confusion won the day...as everyone involved labour  to extricate himself from mess. The only people smiling and winning are those falsehood peddlers, who never want any good report to come out of the Garden City. Election times is here, it will be suicidal to allow rival parties warm it's way in the hearts if the masses. Now, we will return back to consuming propaganda as news.

We have completely lost it! The focus has not been on the outcome of the invitation but doing everything to disparage those who went there, including fabricating cheque to magnify the imaginary scandal  and using the opportunity to rubbish others who they have targeted for destruction over a long period of time. Shame, they also have to include those who are no where near the garden city. This clearly show it was an orchestrated campaign with specific mission. The initiators merely exploited our gullibility and obsession for sanctimonious personalities. Like someone put it, misplaced priority.

Everyone who could have served as the check and balance to ensure the truth prevail caught the bribery bug. They want to be for or against. I am yet to see a posts asking those who went there to present their report. The dominant posts focus on whether money changed hands or they are APC members/sympathisers.

Shame on the nation where truth is so scarce that many cling to falsehood as witness to the truth. The PhDs (pull him down) are fully in control.

In the end, corruption won the day as those who are truly receiving millions to confuse us on social media got bonus for job well done while maintaining status quo. The rest of us, in a bid to maintain our sainthood sit in front of computer, dishing out analysis and criticism while the ruling elites continue to release unbelievable, sensational, doctored news and propaganda for us to consume.

In the heart of everything are fundamental questions which remain unanswered. And attempt at denying a national culture of settlement which have been so abused over the years that it has become veritable platform for traitors to sell their conscience.

Should politicians pay journalists invited to cover their activities? How many times has our organisations paid journalists to cover our events? Were these classified as sellout by our constituency or news reporting? What should be standard procedure should there be need for a selected group to conduct perform media roles? Why should some of us be too lazy to conduct onsite verification in our respective constituency but content at waiting for government propaganda machines to do the job for us in this age of smartphones?

Kudos to the PDP social media/propaganda machine or whoever succeeded in hijacking our senses. They have just shown us they are smarter. When the tree falls, the monkeys scatter.

....Isqil Najim

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