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On Transparty Migration between PDP and APC and Nigerian Democracy

Will Tinubu will trade APC for PDP? No... I don't even have to entertain that thought. We focus too much on Tinubu Buhari et al that we forgot to take charge and look at those well meaning Nigerians who quietly work in those parties but are not even given deserved attention (and encouragement)....

Nigerians are their own worse enemies. Neither APC nor PDP can win any election unless Nigerians sanction it. Forget rigging, Nigerians gave them the reason to rig if they don't go out and vote or if they go out and vote based on sentiment.

I have long graduated from thinking all blames are on politicians to taking a side view of the people. A lot going on at the grassroots would make you wonder if the people didn't get the leaders they deserve.

Back on APC/PDP, the transparty migration is normal considering that from inception, no party was founded on any ideology other than having simple majority to compete for power. It will be cheer hypocritical for Nigerian elites to overlook this fact. Those moving to PDP and Viceversa all are in the same boat. If they want to finally create an ideological party, we just have to watch and see. Right now, now, it is a waiting game for me.

It is all a blessing though. At least we will keep them on their toes

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