Engr Robert Ife Akintunde fnse was a past Chairman, NSE Ibadan Branch and became the President of the prestigious Nigerian Society of Engineers NSE in 1987 and 1988. He was also the Vice President of the World Federation of Engineering Organisations for two terms having being first elected in Arusha, Tanzania in1991 and re-elected at LA Havana, Cuba in 1993.

He is one of the few Engineers from Nigeria listed in the edition of the American Association of Engineering Societies , Who's Who in Engineering.

We joyfully felicitate with this great Papa Engr as he successfully celebrates his 80th Birthday today 2nd November, 2013.

Why is Engineering Community rolling out the drum? In the words of Engr. Otis, a Vice president of Nigerian Society of Engineers “

“Ten years ago, while discussing the contributions of Engr. Ifedayo Akintunde FNSE,FICE to the advancement of our profession, I did say: "...Hence it can be said that he divided in his own unique way,the history of the Nigerian Society of Engineers into two: before Akintunde,and after Akintunde..."
This statement was made in the context of his extending the role of NSE Presidency to pastoral dimensions, by being constantly on the move, and visiting ALL branches of NSE of his era. It was during his tenure that the Society started paying serious attention to legislations, policies, codes and standards. Engr. Akintunde it was that engineered the "National Construction Policy";he initiated the moves that led to the amendment of Section 137 of CAMA Decree No.1 of 1990 to include 'engineer' in the statutory definition of 'valuer'. On Codes & Standards, the first NSE engineering standards viz (i) Standard for Portable Fire Extinguishers,and (ii) Standard for Fire Doors and Windows, were produced during his presidency.
His struggle for Constitutional Provision for Engineering,Science & Technology was highly successful that the 1988 Constituent Assembly adopted the position he projected as the Science & Technology Objectives of the Draft 1989 Constitution of the Federal Republic.The first and only time NSE practised strategic planning was when Engr. Akintunde constituted the committee for NSE 30 YEARS AHEAD. The Society is still operating on the principles derived from the deliverables of the work of that committee.
The NSE Group Personal Accident Insurance was introduced by President Akintunde. In his memorandum to President Ibrahim Babangida CFR, titled "Engineering of Nigeria's Development Projects by Nigerian Engineers in Nigeria", Engr. Akintunde stated clearly that he was ready to guarantee the success of any project engineering challenge given to Nigerian Engineering firms. He further asserted that he was prepared to pay the supreme penalty in event of failure.
Colleagues these are just chips off the monuments of achievements and accomplishments of the man who moved on to become Vice President of the World Federation of Engineering Organisations the only Nigerian to occupy that position so far. Fellow of NSE. Fellow of ICE, Fellow of NICE,Fellow of Academy of Engineering. We continue to celebrate Ifedayo Akintunde M. Sc(Geotechnical),M. Sc(Environmental)”
Wishing him many more years ahead. "They shall still bring forth fruit in old age; they shall be fat and flourishing" says the Scriptures. (Engr. Adeniran Ibitoye)

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