You are unstoppable, if you are determined to keep moving


When young Thomas Edison's mother first took him to school, she was told that he was not yet ready for it and that he needed to wait a little longer. His mother responded that she knew her child, and was convinced that he would be successful.

Sometimes later, the teachers reinforced the school's original assessment when they reported that he was indeed not bright enough to succeed. The boy, however, went on to become the second most prolific inventor in the world, with the electric light bulb, phonograph, the microphone, talking movies, the storage battery, and a thousand other inventions to his credit!

As an adult, Edison suffered exceptionally hard times financially but refused to surrender. In one of them, his unfruitful experiments with nickel-iron-alkaline storage battery, a ten year project almost made him bankrupt but he trudged along. In another, on a freezing December evening in 1914, a fire spread throughout his entire plant. Five companies from eight neighbouring towns could do nothing to extinguish the fire, due to low water pressure and the intensity of the fire itself. In the process, the entire plant was destroyed.

Edison, however, sent his son to fetch his mother and some friends, telling them to come and watch as they would never see such an amazing fire again. His spirit was not broken!
The next morning, he announced to his employers: '' we are going to rebuild the plant. We can always make capital out of a disaster. We have just cleared out a bunch of rubbish-we will build a bigger and better on the ruins!''

Did he achieve that goal? You bet!

Optimism is not bestowed on chosen few. Self fulfilling prophecy is powerful. When things aren’t going as you plan, or the tide of times flow against your current and sweep you upon a strange Island, why yell when you can build a beautiful new world upon it?

The youths of my time, the sage of my generation, watch what you say and watch your temperament. Optimism cures nothing but self-fulfilling prophecy is unforgiving. Your negative words hurt not just you, but your nation, your community and your progenies.
We have many challenges facing is, personally and nationally, but we must never buckle and bow our heads in hopelessness. We must never be so desperate that we do desperate things.  Crimes, destruction, curses, negativity and hopelessness will only aggravate the situation. It is time to wear our think caps and work with positivism as we build

You are unstoppable; so long you are determined to keep going.

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