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When Royal Fathers choose path of dishonour

“But in a great house there are not only vessels of gold and of silver, but also of wood and of earth; and some to honour, and some to dishonour.”

I just readof a fight between two royal fathers and was a bit livid with rage. But after the passage of my moment of indignation, I soon realized I have no reason to be angry or concerned about the two. Then I smiled, and decided to write a piece of my mind.

The gist was that two royal fathers (name withheld) slapped one another in public and had to be separated when they went for one another jugular by the police on standby. They were spoiling for war.

Their grievances?  One Royal father chose to do “area-boy” by disrupting an event organized to remember a deity in another land. The offended Royal fathers decided to report the incidence to the police, hoping to get justice. Both were invited to a conciliatory meeting at the police station to enable them sort out the problem amicably. They chose, instead to use the opportunity to shamelessly exchange fisticuffs, using the police state as their boxing ring.

Not long ago, a royal father was seen running half naked (so I heard) chasing his wife across the street and battered the poor woman to stupor.  He acted as if demon possessed him but the people said that was his usual behavior. He was renowned to be a tough man who is not ashamed to fight dirty. But fighting a woman? Hmmm . The wife eventually sued him.

Not long after, another royal father was docked for raping a female Corp member serving in his domain. The case is still on. There were also cases of Royal fathers begging government for contracts. Nothing bad in this except that some of them didn't execute the contracts. In the military era, some Royal Fathers sold their own people to be in good book of ruling dictators.

In the olden days, Royal fathers, were known as kings and are seen as a creature next to gods. So sacred are the stools they held that, at a time, when a King die, all his servants must die with him and go with him to the next world since the king will need all of them in his next journey. They were referred and highly respected. Some don’t even appear in public while some are restricted to confined area(s) where only a handful of people can see them. And when they appeared in public, the whole town will want to see them just as the smaller towns will pay homage to the king to seek his blessing.

Their words and actions are seen as the words and acts of gods and are therefore unquestionable. Those were the days when humans are closer to the gods and the kings interceded directly between gods and man. Things went normally; gods walked among us.

Then came the age of despots and power drunk rulers: The kings became more powerful and their words stung rather than healed their people. They snatched lands, wives and turned their fellow men into slaves who must worship them. To consolidate their reign on power, they indulged in acquisition of charms, amulets, and became adept believers of voodoo.  Soon they started departing the original ways and started acting like gods over men. They started getting more and more disconnected from the creator as their evil and pride piled up.

Their gods responded by gradually withdrawing their support from them, and making other people more powerful than the kings. The kings’ power became less and less potent and they desperately have to rely on their worriers, herbalists and magicians to concoct powerful charms for them and help them stay afloat.
When foreign kings invaded their lands, some of them were taken as slaves, and their lands seized while others had to flee, and became ordinary men in strange lands. War after war; town after towns fell and are conquered. The once upon a powerful kingdom became fragmented as individual entities opted to become independent and live separately when they could no longer tolerate injustice and excessiveness of their original kings.

In the midst of this confusion, the west discovered primitive, fetish Africa still living the past while the world leave her behind.  Most of them, Africa, neck deep in barbarism and wickedness. All the bloodsucking warriors feeding fat on the sorrows and helplessness of their people.

Not long after, they surrendered to the white domination. Not that the whites are better, but that they (Africans) are too lazy and backward in thinking that they have no sense to  pause and ask themselves how they got to that stage. The whites offered them easy way out, your people in exchange for gun-powder, gold and silver.

One by one the kings capitulated to one offer after the other. Often on the term presented by the whites. Greed, avarice, insensitivity, lack of compassion  for their people, destruct of their own worriers and desires to maintain their grip on power became the primary motivation for them as they traded their people away into slavery. They called it treaties but I called it trade-off.

Gradually, the land getting smaller and the white got more powerful. Freeborn blacks are sold into slavery into a land of no return; so long they are not of royal root or the aristocrats. They did all these without looking into the future. They were happier to be called kings and chiefs, while oblivious of the fate to befall them. Soon the friendly whites are to become colonizers. They supplanted local cultures and languages with foreign ones and we were so proud and happy. Eventually, the administrative role of the whole territory soon fell into the hands of the new colonizers who wasted no time in confining the kings and chiefs to the background.

The once referred Kings and chiefs and the sacred worriers and custodians of deities soon became second class on the land they are supposed to be leading. They woke up from their slumber only to find that the power has shifted from them to a new realm they never foresaw.

Bared, naked, hopeless, powerless, exposed and desperate to hold on to their last connection to power, the traditional stool that served as their only possession and link to the land, they negotiated their way out, and surrendered to mediocrity. They accepted to be tagged royal fathers, traditional rulers and what have you and abdicated their ancestral roles as the absolute leader of their towns. Thus the mystery behind the kingship, the next to god endearment broken forever.

They are nothing more now, than titular stool and are the reminder of our once upon a time thriving cultures. Even their “sons”- the new generation of leaders that took over from the colonizers  (now known as politicians) have refused to let go of the power inherited from the colonizers and have chosen to confined the “Royal fathers” even into less glorifying position of upholding the last relic of our dying (if not already dead) cultures.  They do not respect the Royal fathers as it was in the olden days but find uses for them as a veritable tool for winning elections.

So as I read about the two fight royal fathers, I just smiled, thinking of how they got the whole generation into this current mess we are in. I felt no pity for them. But I pity the people who will be given machetes and guns to fight on their behalf over land, whatever, and shed un-necessary blood. They will die over the greed of those who have no passion and desire for them.

When Royal Fathers choose the part of dishonour, it is time we remove “Royal” from the “father “and hand them gloves so that they can showcase their shame to the world. It is time we begin to realize they have lost the last vestige of royalty attached to their names. It is time for us to ponder on how they get here and let them fight their own battle.

....Isqil Najim

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