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Amazing People are everywhere

In a world where charlatans and chameleons are rising to the top and commanding angry troops , finding righteous and consistent associates who share positive values as we do should be a serious occupation.

Following my going round the forum, and the courses, I am awed by the number of people around the world who are motivated by desire to change their world, and to deliver positive results.

Then, I asked myself: What will it be like of all of the youths across the world are like this? What will it be like if billions of youths across the world eschew selfishness and each one of them pick an area where they can make positive impact in their nearest environment, then stick to it?

What will their environment if all of them play their respective roles as individuals and consciously set the goal toward leaving positive impact in their environment?

This past few days ( and weeks) has been very fruitful as I met a lot of wonderful change makers and positive people who are not afraid to be themselves. I also rediscovered the old tested habit of being a good-finder, and it attendant positive results. When you look for the good and expect the good, you will definitely find it, get it and claim it. Of what use is labouring to search for evil and the negatives when they are  freely distributed? Why look for sand and dust when you could look for diamond and gold? Why dwell on the flowing gossips and anger when you have a great power inside of you to make and unmake your world and the world around you?

Working with people who hold the same values, the same principles and the same passion, even if they are not in your field is a wonderful undertaking.  If you find such people, by no means, stick to them and make your relationship count. Because they are few.

In a world where charlatans and chameleons are rising to the top and commanding angry troops, finding righteous and consistent associates should be a serious occupation. One must set out deliberately to avoid the path popularly taken. I am sorry for the millions that are daily falling victim to Herd mentality syndrome. they subscribed to popular opinions and jettisoned their individual ability to reason and to make independent decision.

It is with pride that I write this little piece as an expression of gratitude to those wonderful people. I would not mention names, as they know themselves.

To your progress..

Isqil Najim

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