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Your life won’t end in death…

"If there is one thing to get excited about, it's your ability to make yourself do the necessary things, to get a desired result, to turn the negative into success. That's true excitement."

Judas betrayed Jesus...and a good man condemned by flawed justice and public sentiment in favour of a deadly robber.... humanity will always be irrational. They will always go against commonsense, so why must you worry when it is your turn? Just as it is with Judas, there will always be someone or something that will usher you into a critical moment and shape your destiny for better or worse. Who are you to deny yourself the simplest password to greatness? The honoured “thieves” and beneficiary of your earthly glory will always end their goodwill account in the red” Morally and emotionally bankrupted, while you have a chance of a lasting glory…

Your life won’t end in death, just as betrayers won’t have the last laugh... Be happy when friends, family turns against you but do not be so overjoy and over-optimistic in your future victory that you forget to work for the expected outcome. Jesus didn’t stay in the wildness; Newton didn’t just sit by the apple tree; Mohammad didn’t stay in the cave forever; David didn’t put faith in the anointed oil, he went out with his sling and slew the giant; just as Moses didn’t spent the rest of his life in Midian in arms of beautiful ladies. They all went out to work for what they are known for. God is not to be confused with dream. He wants you to ascend to your glory through cheer dint of hard work and personal sacrifices, no matter how little. Garnish your works with noblest of intention and sincerity. Be true to yourself. Be fair to all.

To the illumined souls, the grave is a gate to glory, a pathway to another life; to the dark minds, the grave is a barren city, where men turn to maggots and bones... (They all get what they anticipated). Their dreams and aspirations become reality when they get to their “graveyard”. It is your expectation and what you work for that you will reap. Believe what you like but don’t ever expect to sow tomato and reap a Watermelon. Nature gives in just proportion according to your expectations and what you actually worked for.

Mistake not men's approval and praise-singing to God's final judgment. “Majority” is a group of people that live in absurdity, they are not always right... Even if you have just 12 followers that believe in you, you will still be disappointed by one of those you loved. And the one to side by you to defend your integrity in moment of tribulation and pain may, yet be a condemned robber, antagonist, or total stranger who you never expect to have any sympathy to your cause. His life may be saved, and made better my his merely standing beside you at critical moment.. Do not condemn strangers outrightly; do not make the habit of judging people from first impression. Often, you will lose the most vital part of them.

The voice of the minority may be drawn by the noise of the majority. Be assured that when the majority got tired of shouting, the low beautiful voice of the minority will eventually be heard by those who are blessed in the mind... And those who are blessed with right ears and understanding. Rejoice in yourself at the approach of the moment of your victory, you may yet become a wonder to those who once scorned you.

In everything, let your focus be on your mission. And your honour; your sanctuary...
In the end, same people that rejected/tormented/victimized and condemned you will turn your bad day into best day. Never compromise on your integrity and never shy away from living the beautiful vision you are made to live. More often than not, happiness will come when you least expect it. Begrudge no one that you disagree with for they are blessing in disguise and be alert to the sweet venom of glory hunters, sycophants and hungry cheerleaders; they are nothing but therapeutic cloning.

Your life will not end in death, even if you have no belief in God, the law of conservation of matter/energy should be an eye-opener. For, matter/Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, though it will transform from one form to another. Your new form is summation of your deeds and expectations. Do not tempt nature, by disputing things you do not understand and do not tempt yourself by overdoing things you have little knowledge of. All of life suffering, enjoyment, success and failures are speaking to you about a life you never know. If you have ever dream, it is time for you to realize, you are more than an animal that sleep, wake-up, eat, socialize and work… you a spirit with power to recreate yourself. Your destination is your own making.

As the new month commences, rejoice in the fact that you are counted among the living and that you are one of those people who have the opportunity to make the world a better place. It is your duty to put behind you all past disappointments and failures and leap forward in personal belief, faith and hope while working for the glory that is rightly yours. It is your duty not to sleep on your past accomplishments and understand that nature constantly brings challenges to you, through events, people, whatever, however. It is your duty to recognize the need for you to take interest in your fellow men’s affairs and all living creature. No man is an island, so it was said; your happiness will be achieved through the people and things around you. Show all your maximum respect and kindness. Your days shall ever be filled with song of joy. You are a man/woman worth celebrating. If there is one thing to get excited about, it's your ability to make yourself do the necessary things, to get a desired result, to turn the negative into success. That's true excitement.

To your happiness… all my love!

….Isqil Najim 

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