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PHD-Pull Him Down. (syndrome)

”there is karma, lurking quietly around waiting to strike everyone. Everyone. With the same intensity they have treated their fellow men and women. I believe and strongly believe that everything we do, to others intentionally will unfailingly return back to us, sooner or later, greatly magnified. “

Everywhere you go, it seems many people and organizations are leaving nothing to chance in a bid to get to the top. And in so doing, they have to pull someone down. That is, award their vicious PHD to the unlucky “scholar” at the University of Hard Knock.

At work, staff compete for bosses’ attention and favour in many tricky ways: They exaggerate their works and denigrate the other person(s)’ within the establishment, mostly behind the back of their victim(s) and it seems some bosses enjoy this kind of competition, because it is working for the PHD . Back stabbing, gossiping, slandering and in desperate situation, criminating those above or more promising is the way to PHD-ed the obstruction to their goals. With eyes on the top, and the legs on someone toes, plus management that rely extensively on WISIWIB (What I see is what I believe) philosophy, aggressive colleagues often have the field day. Sometimes, however, it leads to dwindling productivity in the organization if not the exit of a creative mind. However, many organizations don’t have to worry about this as there would be among the PHD awarders who will fit into the organization for better for worse. Life is a gamble anyway and we all gamble, so do careless organizations.

In politics, PHD syndrome is even more profound with devastating consequences. The losers of elections first graduate into ''oppositions'' ''critics'' and some even form “shadow government.” It must be fun to them as they soon becoming experts in why things will never work, and why things should be done otherwise.  They are masters in antagonistic expectations. They become the friends and megaphones of grumbling masses and started wooing discontent people to their sides. Of course, people love noise makers and that is why good guys who can’t make noise may never smell the corridor of power, unless he has a godfather or agents doing the ''leg-works'' and ''mouth-works'' for him.

 No matter how popular a government is, there will always be critics and activists keeping him on his toes. This ordinarily should be seen in positive light as it keeps elected officials on their toes to deliver on their political promises. It is the only way where democratic government is prevented from becoming autocratic government or dictator. It is one of the beauties of democracy. However, those in opposition are now awarding “compulsory” PHD to the people in power. They fight dirty. The now look for why things will fail and also “assisted” the hapless government to fail through sabotage and politically motivated scandals. This is because they can’t get to power unless those occupying the seat fall. All efforts therefore are geared toward destroying the current occupiers and discrediting them before the people. Yet, they always claim to want to serve the people!

A Governor will barely resume work when, out of the blue, evidence of past criminal records will be flying all around the cyberspace and circulated in the media. Our hero forged his certificate, he was ex-con, he was older/younger than his age, he has dozens foreign accounts, he is not a citizen and not qualified. You will also start seeing funny pictures whose owners will be shocked to see. When there are no incriminating pictures, Photoshop become the last refuge. Get the Head of your target and put it on a madman body then circulate it around and tell the gullible people that the target was once a madman and secretly checked into a mental home.. Ironically, there are so many willing to embrace these and even spread it like wild fire. It is their way of contributing to the craze for PHD award. Niccolo Machiavelli said it better when he noted: “So simple-minded are men, and so controlled by immediate necessity, and desire to believe, that a deceptive person will always find enough who are willing to be deceived.”

When this doesn’t work, they begin sponsoring thugs, and arm them to disturb public peace. Unknown to them, there is no end to tragedy caused by arming hungry, jobless thugs. When they eventually win, the new losing team will also begin their own revenge and search for the best PHD award to present to the victor. Then the cycle will continues. While this is going on, only the masses suffer, and yet it was the masses that often make these PHD awards very effective. At the bestial level, is the outright elimination of stubborn candidate(s) who refused to pass his own PHD test and graduate into oblivion.... Many have been wasted this way for their loud mouths and guts. Only God knows what gains are there for them executor since more stubborn candidates are being created daily to fill the gap and they simply refused to be exterminated. Nature never stops shunning out good people who will stand up against oppression.

Companies and corporations fought one another over customers and the market to maximize profit. There will be price wars, talents grab and many more. Smart moves and counter moves, including price fixing of the stock and economic sabotage are part of the negative tactic adopted outwit competitor. PHD is not a luxury award reserved for individuals, companies are not left out. In the family, you have brothers, sisters and friends who are envious of your progress and achievements and who feel the only way the can match you is to award you a PHD. They go to any length to ensure that you claim you PHD. The only way out is to act as if you are already down.

As I ponder upon these and many more, I mused; ''why should someone fall before another rise?'' why can’t people embrace Mutually Assured Progress, (MAP) philosophy when aiming at the top instead of Mutually Assured Damage , MAD? Why is it so hard for many people to understand that the few making positive progress must be encouraged for the benefit of all? I found no answer. Dejected, I turned to Inner guide.

Then I saw this ladder, leading to the top where there is no one. Below it are many people who are trying to climb, all at once. Even though there is no deadline for reaching the top, they all struggle to get to the rung. When one is climbing, someone will Pull Him Down (PHD) and then use his head as stepping stone to rise above the group. Many never bother to climb because they look at those who climbed and returned with broken legs and necks and felt discouraged. Many almost made it to the top only to drop again, and a few get there. Of course, when they get there, they found the place very lonely.

I observed that if everyone has helped one another and lifted one another, the journey to the top will be easier and smoother and more people will climb to the top and succeed. But greed and wickedness of human mind means that someone people will always want to award the PHD to their fellow in order to climb to the top.

The good thing is; there is karma, lurking quietly around waiting to strike everyone. Everyone with the same intensity they have treated their fellow men and women. I believe and strongly believe that everything we do, to others intentionally will unfailingly return back to us, sooner or later, greatly magnified. Therefore, it is best for all those PHD contractors to always reflect before giving out the award to others. As a wise old man put it, “the evil you do remain with you, the good you do come back to you.”

Embrace the reality... Pull someone down and break their legs, and even necks, you will soon meet your waterloo like Napoleon.

...isqil najim 

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