My Random Thought in February!


“You are a small person if you cannot rise above the petty details that confuse and block shallow minds. If you cannot rise above the trivial details of your work, you are not a leader”

I am looking at the sky… I have been awake since 3am watching the sky gradually transform from dark spirit filled space into dawn and gradually pave the way for the light… From dawn to the morning ...a new season emerges...

With it, comes hope, and brighter vision of the approaching day… days..and weeks..months and years ahead... I can see... Clearly...  that indeed, all things are for good…
This is a new dawn...

Something has just given way and somehow, I feel this month will usher in great news for me, for you and for everyone that is reading this or will read it...

It is are going to have happiness in geometric proportion…. so shall every one of us...

As the morning gradually unfold itself, with an inviting and tempting smile that never fail to attract the sun, and awake the bird from their nests to sing to the ears of those with fertile mind and defecate on the heads of those who clueless minds, hope emerges from the horizon, with it come joy trailing silently, while happiness breeze gently along the route.

You are on the way to something great. January is gone and will never return. Your life is shortened by a month and your greatness increase by one depending on where you stand and which eyes you are using to view the future.

Arise, oh slumbers…it is time for your great transformation. Angels beckons, mercy is crawling on the earth while awaiting your hands to lift it up... it is all yours for grab.
I can see a new you riding to a new destiny. It is a month of love, a month of surprises… This month....some hearts will burn with passion as they travel to St Valentino Island....while some will be drowned in ocean of loneliness to be caressed by hope that the beautiful ones will soon be born! But the heart which is reserved for all season will always have the upper edge.

I can see…that you are all divine image, created by God special hands. You have the power, the strength and the ability and can do whatever you long to do. If it is going to be, it is up to you! You have got to make it, no backing out.. and not shrinking of responsibility. You have got to throw some asses out of your life if they are real hot and insuppressible.  It is time to embrace new people with positive energy.

The sun is smiling at me already, signaling her intention to shine and thus brighten my world, our world and this part of the planet. Wherever you are, whatever you do..may when the sun shine on you, may it bring with it great joy and pleasant illumination.. if it rain, may it wet the dust of your disappointment and nourish your good fortune.

You are good luck, you are good fortune, and you are part of a creative force. Dig deep into your heart and discover those things hidden in you. The world awaits your coming!

Happy New month!

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