I’m Your Customer Who Never Comes Back


I’m a nice customer. All merchants know me. I’m the one who never complaints no mater what kind of service I get.

When I go to a store to buy something I don’t throw my weight around. I try to be thoughtful of the other person. If I get a snooty clerk who gets nettled because I want to look at several things before I make up my mind, I’m as polite as can be; I don’t believe in rudeness in return is the answer.

I never kink, complain, or criticized, and I wouldn’t dream of making a scene as I’ve seen people doing in public places. No, I’m the nice customer, but I’m also the nice customer who never comes back.

That s my little revenge for being abused and taking whatever you hand our, because I know I’m not coming back. This doesn’t immediately relieve my feelings but in the long run it’s far more satisfying than blowing my top.

In fact, a nice customer like myself, multiplied by others of my kind can ruin a business. And there are lots of nice people just like me. When we get pushed far enough, we go to another store where they appreciate nice customers.

He laughs best who laugh last. I laugh when I see you frantically advertising to get me back, when you could have kept me in the first place with a few kind words and a smile.

Your business might be in different town and your situation might be “different,” but if your business is bad, chances are good that if you will change your attitude the word will get around and I’ll change from the nice customer who never comes back in the nice customer who always come back-and bring his friends.


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  1. He is living in a world that does not esist. He will keep on changing his "buying places", because humans are not as nice as him.

  2. In a way, yes Charles..but the business owners lose!

    That is because if more customers started behaving that way, the business will lose it substance..

    The whole things s simply about important of customer satisfaction..

  3. I think dis shld be amng my staff book/manual. Gud Manner of approach is a necessity.

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