Restraint but Not Constraint


The law of relativity states that “Man can look like rabbit and rabbit can look like man depending on the angle of vision”. 

This best describe the state of mind of an achiever and a mediocre. It is a matter of mind and mind will tell the matter. One can be in the palace and not free and a prisoner can be swimming in the pool of freedom. When imagination is blurred by obstacles, miracles will be automatically blocked. Daniel was a captive in Babylon but he purposed to live for God’s glory, inspiration paved way for him to turn captivity to activity that distinguished him as a unique man to extinguish man’s problem.

Joseph’s brothers move with envy, sold him into slavery. Unknown to them that they were pursuing him to his land of promotion. Even as a prisoner, he was a prosperous man. Never allow human restraint to constrain him. A man’s gift makes room for him. Gift will not only fit you appropriately but lift you to take the flight to the height of success with great delight. If Pharaoh’s Officer he interpreted dream for had remembered him, all he could have received was a state pardon, but stick-ability helped him to become tick in God’s given gift to APPEAR BEFORE PHARAOH who gloriously promoted him and just in a day, he moved from prison to palace.

Are you enslaved by sins, or you are in prison of life? Probably you are disabled or medical report indicates that your case is impossible? THERE IS A WAY OUT! Like Daniel, Joseph, etc were restrained but not constrained, Winston Churchill as a student during mathematics text could only write his name and number but couldn’t solve any of the problem yet he became the prime minister. John Bunyan was imprisoned for 13 years, right there, he authored the amazing book “PILGRIM PROGRESS”, Professor Wole Soyinka wrote an amazing book while in prison confinement; Albert Einstein was declared as mentally deranged by his teacher yet, he rose to become one of the most celebrated inventors of our generation. Thomas Edison was thrown out of the school for “possessing unusual mind”, yet he became America’s most prolific inventor. THERE IS UNLIMITED ABILITY IN DISABILITY.

Perhaps you have had an inglorious past which make you full of regret each time you pause to ponder, or you have allowed a wonderful moment of opportunity pas by you in your moment of wandering, or you have advertently or inadvertently lost out something which you should have taken possession of…whichever the case, always remember King Solomon was a sinner who sinned against God, but yet upon penitent, had risen to become the wisest man in the world; Moses committed murder while living in Egypt, and was to become a fugitive. For years he lives in foreign land as he built upon his past errors. He rose and bequeathed the world with “10 commandments” which has since remained the guiding principle for all laws enacted by mankind. Whatever your state and situation, refused to be constraint by your circumstance even though you are restraint.

After the second World Wars, Japan was in ruin. Her lands and environment left degraded with radioactive mutation. With no major mineral resource and hostile nations around her, this country rose to become one of the top two richest country in the world while other countries that are more favored wallows in abject poverty and skyrocketing debts.

When we found ourselves in situations that look hopeless and where no there seem to be no way; when your natural energy and ability were restrained and we find that the next action w take may lead to our freedom or annihilation; when the world look at us and rather than smile, throw tantrum at us, when the earth is too hot for us and the sky unfriendly, remember to show Restraint but refused to be constraint. Don’t accept defeat, there is seat for the feat.

Yours in Courage

Isqil Najim

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