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Africa and its 'Educated' Slaves

One of the most miscalculated assumptions is that when a person receives a college degree, whether undergraduate or graduate, that individual is now educated. It is true that individual is qualified to apply for various positions or professions where a particular degree is required. However, if one were to evaluate being educated by the first requirement passed down from the ancient Nile Valley temples in northeast Afrika, the educational center for the world during its golden era, most would not be considered educated.

In ancient Kemet (Egypt), on the portals of several temples was the saying "Know Thyself." The Greeks attributed this statement to the philosopher Socrates, without ever mentioning that Socrates was trained in Afrika, in the same temples previously mentioned. If the principle of Know Thyself alone was applied to today's college graduates, most would be considered illiterate, especially those of Afrikan descent.

It is not difficult to find one of the culprits in this matter. William Bennett, who served as Secretary of Education under President Ronald Reagan represents one example of many. He tried to lay the foundation when he attempted to sway higher education towards a "classical and Jewish-Christian heritage, the facts of American and European history, the

political organization of Western societies, the great works of Western art and literature and the major achievements of the scientific disciplines." Under this operative, no non-Western or non-European history or culture was of any educational value. In other words, people of color were persona non grata under this educational dictate.

The unfortunate factor is, education has primarily been conducted this way, and under the philosophical premise in which Bennett aspired, and many like him, the greatest falsehoods, distortions and omissions concerning the history and culture of Afrikan people have been committed.

Students of color who receive degrees under this cloak of academic ineptitude are bound to eventually reach a stage where they are struggling to "find themselves," because they basically do not know who they are. This can cause great internal turmoil, even after reaching financial comfort. The mental and intellectual void can cause one to be an eternal slave to a system, culture or values that does not have their interest at heart and do not even like them as a people.

It can cause some people of Afrikan descent to believe in a Bennett-like premise so thoroughly they willingly betray their own people and expect to be rewarded for it. This includes embracing the values, customs, habits and looks of those holding them down. It is analogous to a Black person in the segregated South no longer being told to enter the back door, sit on the back of the bus or see themselves as inferior, for they will do these things voluntarily. They will consistently label themselves as 'minority,' though people of color represent 9/10ths of the world's population.

When a person of Afrikan descent is never exposed that his/her ancient ancestors were the actual creators of civilization, built on the sciences they created, the advanced mathematics they brought to the world, the systems of technology they utilized, created the science of medicine for healing, the art of writing, even the educational system which they obtained their degrees, is just the beginning of mental deterioration and intellectual incompetence. This is further implemented when they are not even exposed to their recent ancestors who were part of the planning and built the capital in Washington D.C., allowed everyone to have light by creating the first light bulb filament, including the first stand alone clock, performed the first heart surgery, created refrigeration to preserve food, along with too many other creations to mention here.

Even today, in this present time, such great figures as Dr. Gabriel A. Oyibo, a physicist, of the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut, who has worked out problems in the Unified Field Theory, which eluded Dr.Albert Einstein, the so-called genius, and solved the most difficult turbulence problems in aeronautics, or the late Dr. Ernest E. Just of Howard University, who introduced the world to the most intense research conducted in the field of biology, genetic engineering, and the innovation of DNA, are not being hailed for the magnificent contributions they have made to the world.

In light of all this, parents of Afrikan descent can prevent this mental slavery of the next generation by making sure their children are exposed to the subjects previously mentioned, having literature in the home addressing their history and culture, including relevant videos and DVDs, making sure they are aware of Afrikan world scholars and their works, monitoring television usage, taking their children to events that expose them to their own culture, being actively involved in their children's education, insisting the curriculum include their history, but at the same time not relying on public or private education to provide quality information related to Afrikan world history and culture. That should be done in the home, after school or weekend educational programs. The dinner table is a perfect venue for these discussions.

Slavery was the worst and longest evil system ever perpetuated on any group of people. But today, an educated slave is as dangerous as the slave masters of old. One must always be aware that any effort to correct the situation will be vigorously fought and opposed. Total liberation has not yet occurred, but with a collective consciousness, it is obtainable. It starts with the present reader.

By Kwaku Person-Lynn

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